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Tired of buying headphones and then figuring out that they worthless? We're putting an end to that. 

We test sports headphones on functionality, tech, design, sound quality and compare it all to the price. Most importantly, our reviews are completely UNBIASED and the test result are therefore, of course, uncolored.

Since 2015 we have reviewed many headphones, earbuds etc. from big brands as Beats By dr. Dre, Bose, Sony, Jabra and many more! You can find the individual reviews here

If you don't know what you're looking for in a pair of sports headphones, you should take a look at our buying guides. Our buying guides and top lists will give you a nice overview of what you should look into and what you shouldn't. 

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Check Out the Review Categories

Below you'll find a selection of the most popular categories of headphones we have reviewed.

Waterproof Swimbuds

Headphones for swimming? Sure. Many tech companies are working with earbuds and musicplayers suitable for the pool. We've done several test of these swimbuds and written reviews about them too. See them here!

Wireless Earbuds

If you are a runner you should know the struggle with wired earphones. The wire tangles up, get stuck on the edge of something which rips them out of your ears. Well, click here if you want to put an end to it.


Over-head and over-ear Headphones are mostly suited for workouts in the gym. But that doesn't mean they can't be used for other types of sport! Check all the test we did of these headphones and wired earphones.

How we Review the Headphones

Infographic on how we review headphones

We think it's important for our readers to know how we create the content for our product reviews

We go through a process of 5 steps when creating a headphones review. 

1. Which Headphones?

We take the pulse of the headphones market. Then we pick the earbuds, based on trends, new products from interesting brands and of course the technology within the product. 

2. Research, Research & Research.

Many hours of research are then spend to gain a prober understanding of the products, its technology, functionality and also the company behind. 

3. Customer Reviews.

We take a deep look into the opinions of consumers who have bought and used the headphones. By doing this, we can create better and more accurate reviews of the earbuds. 

4. Summarize all the information in a product review.

When we have collected hundreds of consumer opinions, we summarize and find the key points of the reviews. Then we write the review. 

5. The review goes online for you to read.

Now you have enough information to decide which headphones to buy.

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Who are we?

Sports Amigos consists of a team of devoted sports enthusiasts whose life mission is to give you an overview of the best headphones for sports.

After many years of dedicated training with sports headphones, the team behind Sports Amigos have come to the conclusion, that music does not only make you feel better but will also make you perform better! Studies show that if you listen to the right music while working out, it can empower and motivate you to achieve better results and increase your efficiency.

We’re more than happy to receive review requests or feedback. So keep yourself updated with this site if you want to hear about the best headphones for sports and running and where you can get the most value for your money.

We’ve always had a special love for sports and workout headphones. So we decided to give people a proper review website focusing on headphones. Since that day, we have worked daily to give you a simple overview so you won’t spend your hard earned money on something with absolutely no value. 

Make sure you check out all of our reviews before investing in a new training partner. We'll keep providing you with honest reviewsgive you guys all the newest information about nutrition, supplements, workout programs and of course sports gear. You can see our health articles here. Make sure you connect with us on FacebookTwitter. Like and share our content if you enjoy it. 

We look forward to giving you the best reviews about headphones for sports and running available online!