9 Benefits Of Swimming That You Should Know About

Man Swimming

Many exercise experts claim that swimming is the perfect exercise. There are many reasons that they make these claims. Swimming is a very strenuous activity that can be accomplished in many different ways:

You can learn to do regular freestyle swimming, the butterfly stroke, the sidestroke, backstroke, and a very complex breast stroke. Even if all you know how to do is dog paddle, you are still going to get an incredible amount of exercise that not only works your muscles but is also beneficial for your cardiovascular system. Here are nine of the top benefits of swimming that you should know about, helping you to become a healthier person.

1. Swimming Builds Up Bone Mass

Many people assume that swimming is primarily for building your muscles or helping you get an aerobic workout, but very few people realize that it is helpful in increasing bone mass.

This was once thought to be an arcane, outdated belief, but it is actually very true proven through scientific studies. Although running is going to help build the most bone mineral density, swimming is not far behind.

2. Swimming Improves Muscle Strength And Definition

Most people know that you can increase your muscular strength when you go swimming. If you have ever seen professional swimmers, you may have noticed that they are extremely muscular and defined.

You are going to work more muscle groups at one time than with any other exercise. Your arms will pull and, your legs will kick, and your stomach muscles are also going to develop.

3. Swimming Reduces Overall Inflammation

Although swimming does help with your cardiovascular system, which can indirectly improve your heart, research has shown that inflammation can be reduced throughout your entire body by preventing atherosclerosis in the heart.

By increasing the amount of oxygen that you can get throughout your body, inflammation is going to diminish. The more that you swim, the better your cardiovascular system will become, and at the same time, you are going to diminish cholesterol buildup in the heart muscle.

4. Swimming Makes You More Flexible

Swimming is also known to make people much more flexible. Part of the reason is the different movements that are required to swim different strokes.

The butterfly stroke, as well as the backstroke, require you to be extremely flexible. Your ankles will also get stretched, and because of the pressure of the water that you are constantly moving through, every stroke that you do will improve your overall flexibility.

5. Swimming Can Diminish Exercise-Induced Asthma

A problem that many athletes have, as well as regular people trying to do aerobic exercises, is an inability to breathe properly. Swimming actually trained you to breathe in a much more controlled fashion, forcing you to take deeper breaths.

Studies have shown that children that suffered from mouth breathing, snoring, and asthma-related symptoms actually improved dramatically after only six weeks of swimming lessons. It is because you are teaching your body to breathe and more air, and in doing so, asthma-related conditions will begin to abate.

6. Swimming Can Help You Burn Calories Fast

Some professional swimmers have stated that they must consume between 6000 and 10,000 cals a day when they are in full training mode. The same can be said for runners, especially those that are training for a marathon, which is going to burn a massive amount of calories.

Once you have burned through the food you have consumed, your body will naturally begin to convert the adipose cells in your stomach to glucose which can be used by the cells of your body for energy.

Swimming just 30 minutes a day can help you lose a substantial amount of weight because of the number of calories that must be used while you are swimming.

7. Swimming Can Minimize Stress Levels

If you swim on a regular basis, you are actually releasing a lot of the stress that you may be keeping inside.

Many people focus on problems in their lives on a continual basis, and in doing so, they are producing more free radicals which can lead to health problems later on. Stress is considered a disease by many experts, and the cure is to release it. Some people do this through meditating or finding a hobby.

 If you do swimming, not only will you reduce the amount of stress that is affecting your life, but you are also going to become much healthier.

8. Swimming Is Great For Your Skin

Some people believe that swimming can actually damage your skin by causing natural oils to be washed away. However, swimming is beneficial for your skin, especially your face, helping you to maintain a clear complexion. There are two reasons why this is true:

First of all, if you are swimming in the ocean, you will be swimming in saltwater, and this has been shown to improve your skin by keeping it clean and reducing the effects of P acnes bacteria. It has also been shown to reduce age spots, and provide many other benefits by simply swimming three or four times a week.

Additionally, if you are swimming in a pool, the chlorine can also be helpful. In the same way that the saltwater can keep P acnes bacteria at appropriate levels, so also can the chlorine.

9. Swimming Will Ensure A Longer Life

One final thing that swimming can do for everyone is helping them live a longer life. It has been shown that people that work at jobs where they are sitting constantly are actually taking years off of their life. More exercise means you are working your muscles and improving your ability to breathe deeply. The more oxygen that the cells of your body get, the less likely that free radical damage will persist, allowing healthy cells to replicate and extend your life by many years.

These are just a few of the many benefits of swimming that ought to make you consider giving this a try. If you have a local club where you can swim on a regular basis, it is recommended that you do this at least 30 minutes a day. Doing so will improve your cardiovascular system, build muscle mass, increase bone mass, and also help with breathing problems. It will also make you a much happier person, especially when you look in the mirror and see that you are becoming much thinner, benefits that will certainly make you a happier and healthier person.