Beat Solo 3 Wireless Headphones Review

Beats Solo 3 in Black
  • thumbs-up
    5 Minute Charge = 3 Hours Playback 
  • thumbs-up
    World-Class W1 Chip for Connection 
  • thumbs-up
    Award-Winning Sound
  • thumbs-up
    Insane Battery Life of 40 HOURS!
  • thumbs-up
    Beautiful Minimalistic Design
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    Up to 100 feet in Operation Range
  • thumbs-down
    Even though they have many amazing upgrades, they are still overpriced 
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    Not Water- or Sweatproof

All you need to know 

Most of the times when Beats announces a new product it's often some headphones that cost more than your house.. (Not quite true, but you get what I'm saying). And the question people end up asking themself is; Do I really want these headphones that much? After I tested Beats Solo 3 I fell in love instantly. They are beautifully designed, with a modern touch. All the tiny screws are hidden behind the plastic on the outside of the headphones. Minimalistic is the key with Beats' headphones design (Especially after some unknown company called Apple took over the headphone giant.) Just kidding... 
On a more serious note, Beats Solo 3 are truly amazing. They have it all, smooth design, magnificent sound, a comfortable fit, and of course... The most extreme and ridiculous battery lifetime of 40 HOURS!! Yep, 40 hours... Haven't seen that with wireless headphones before. And after this review was done, I can guarantee you that they are exactly as advertised. 

Our final verdict

I love these headphones. I really do. The last edition, Beats Solo 2 didn't completely win my love. But the younger brother, Solo3, is incredible. They have everything you will ever need in a pair of wireless headphones. Except one thing, an active noise cancellation like the Bose QuietComfort 35 has. Unfortunately Beats Solo3 only has a passive noise cancellation. But it's not the end of the world anyway. 

If I could change one thing with the Solo3 headphones, I would bring on a price reduction of $50-100. If that ever happens, they will be the most popular headphones worldwide. But they still fly of the shelves with the current price. If you can afford these headphones, DO IT. If you don't feel like spending that much but still want a nice on-ear headphone, go and check out Beats Solo2.

Full Review


The excellently branded company ‘Beats’ made a revolution with this edition of the Beats Solo headphones.

Beats Solo 3 are predicted to fly off the shelves even though the price is high end. The reason for that is the uniquely implemented W1 chip. And as we promised earlier when reviewing Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones, we’ll review the big brother as well. So we did, and mark my words when I say that you’re in for a treat.

Sound quality

The award-winning sound in the Beats Solo3 wireless is kind of similar to the previous model, the Solo2. Most people who have tried a pair of Beats on-ear headphones like the Solo 3, can nod their head when I say that the bass is mighty, for some a bit too overwhelming. But it depends on your taste. I like the strong bass, especially during a workout. It gets my blood pumping and motivates me to work harder. But I know some people who would prefer it turned down a bit. The sound quality is in the top league and does live up to my quality demands. Clear sound, even when played at high volumes.


Just by looking at the picture of these bad boys, you can see that they still have this beautiful streamlined design. The Solo 3 wireless sounds like a complete copy of the older top-selling version, Beats Solo 2. The only difference is that the new model is 10 grams heavier, but otherwise, it's a complete lookalike.

The design covers all the screws and makes sure that there are no sharp or protruding edges. The remote control for the headphones is like everything else, hidden in the design. The Beats logo on the left earbud also works as a multifunctional button. You can use it as a play/pause button, for volume control, taking calls and activating Siri. The Solo 3 headband is designed the same tight way as the previous model, to make sure they’re stuck in your head. This feature makes the beats perfect for running and other moving sports.


Battery life time

Beats claims that the battery life of the new Beats Solo 3 wireless will last you an outstanding 40 hours. We weren’t entirely convinced by that before reviewing them but had to put our doubt to shame.

The Solo 3 will last you around 40 hours when fully charged. Even if you play music at the highest volume, you’ll get around 37 hours of playback. So it means that a fully charged pair of Beats Solo 3 wireless can last up to weeks without charging. This battery lifetime is rarely seen and is one of the things that justifies the high-end price. Bose QuietComfort 35 is the only other headphones that try to compete with their 20-hour battery life.

The Fast Fuel feature makes sure that by only 5 minutes of charging with the USB charger, you’ll have 3 hours of battery life! So put them in the charger, pack your fitness bag and you're ready to go with 3 hours of juice.

Bluetooth connection with the W1 chip

The new and innovative W1 chip implemented in the Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones is the new kid on the block when it comes to wireless pairing. A pairing request immediately pops up on your device when you activate Bluetooth on your iOS device. Simple as that.

All of your iOS devices automatically connect to the headphones when you accept the pairing request. The new W1 chip made it possible to have a perfect connection up to 120 feet away from the device! Of all the wireless headphones we reviewed, we never stumbled upon a connection range this impressive. So a big applause to Apple for the W1 chip! I'm sure we’re going to see a lot more to this feature in the future.