Beats Tour 2.0 Sports Earbuds review

Beats Tour 2 earphones

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    Built for Rough Sports Environment
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    Completely Sweat and water Resistant
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    Removable Wingtips
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    Extremely Comfortable
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    Tanglefree Wire
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    Smooth Design
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    Sound quality don't match price
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All you need to know 

Beats Tour 2.0 sports headphones are overall pretty amazing if you are looking for some earphones that can handle the harsh and rough movements that occurs when working out or practicing sports. The new Tour is build to make sure they can handle the harsh surroundings of sports. Thicker wire, made of a hardened plastic material and last but not least, the removable wingtips for a secure fit.

Beats has produced other sports headphones with much better sound quality than the new Tour. Everyone knows that Beats' headphones have a prominent bass, but with these Tour Earbuds it’s a bit too overwhelming. But don’t forget that you can fix the overwhelming bass problem with an equalizer on your device. A significant upside of the earbuds is the tangle free wire. If you ever owned a standard pair of wired earphones, you’ve experienced spending a long time untangling the cable. It’s horrible and annoying. Even if you wanted to tangle these earbuds up, you can’t. The design is beautiful and classic. The see-through plastic on the side of the earbuds gives them a nice luxurious touch.

Other than that, the new Tour sports earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre are perfect for sports. However, they lack some proper sound quality, which shouldn't be an issue when they are in this price range.

If the sound isn't a major factor for you when you choose headphones for your workout, pick the new Tour earbuds. However, read about 
Jaybird X3 if you care for good sound quality. Or our new review of the cheap and quality rich true wireless headphones from Treblab.

Full Review


When the first Tour model came out in stores, the world did not welcome them as expected. It was the first time Beats made a pair of small in-ear earphones, and they failed the exam, big time. But then they announced the arrival of the new ‘Tour’ generation, Beats Tour 2.0. And the new edition is better than the first one, but it still lacks some of those high-quality factors which Beats' headphones are known for having.

That is my brutally honest opinion, and I am aware that several other reviewers say otherwise. Just remember that on the internet you can read 5-star reviews about expensive sports headphones, and when you then buy it, you’ll end up with a load of crap. Most of the times it is because the reviewer is a teenager getting paid for a good review. In my eyes, that’s the case with the Beats Tour 2. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews of the new Tour earbuds, but I do not agree with most of them. In general Beats make perfectly good workout headphones, but unfortunately, they just can’t make it work with these small earbuds.


"These headphones are one of Beats' products that actually lives up to hype. Other in-ear headphones are very weak but these pack a punch and are very nice sounding in quality and provide comfort."

Customer Review 

Sound quality

Sound quality is for many people the most important factor when it comes to sports headphones whether it’s for running, biking or any other workout. Sound quality is a factor Beats is known to be great at but Beats Tour 2.0 hasn’t reached the average standard of Apple’s big headphone company. The bass is way too prominent; it almost sounds like a “bass test” on Youtube. It is incredible though how much bass pumps out of these small earbuds, and for some people, it is enjoyable with a heavy deep-toned bass like this one.

So you have to make up for yourself if it’s to your taste or not. But the biggest problem is the lack of medium in the sound, which is hidden away behind the high bass. Beats need to pull it together if they want the Tour collection to be an outstanding player in the game of best in-ear headphones for sport and fitness.


New design than the previous model, much lighter and smoother in general. And the most significant change is the angle of the earbuds. Previously the angle pointed kind of upwards however now, it's looking towards your ear canals and thereby sending the sound directly into your eardrums and giving you a better sound experience. The different pieces of the wire have been made smaller and more “modern looking” through a smoother and more embedded design. That also includes the inline remote control as it is minimized both by size and weight.

Beats Tour 2.0 comes in 4 different color schemes, red, black, gray and white. And as always they have the signature mini Beats logo on the earbuds no matter what color you choose. A cool little design feature is the see-through plastic on the side of the earbuds. It gives the earphones a classy and luxurious appearance.

A Comfortable fit 

Maybe you're wondering if the beats tour 2.0 is worth buying. They do have some downsides but there are a lot upsides that makes up for that. Some other things in these earphones make them better than alright. First of all, the fitting of these dear fellows is perfect. They are so extremely comfortable that it gets to a point where you won’t even notice them.

A Secure fit 

Second of all, Beats Tour 2.0 comes with secure fit Wingtips in different sizes for the earbuds, and they worked more than well. You can choose yourself if you want to wear the wingtips or not, just as you can choose which ear tip size and shape you want to use. So if you are going for a run, put on the secure fit wingtips and take them off for everyday use. But best of all, and the reason why these headphones are perfect for sport and fitness is the insane durability.


"Product worked so well we had to buy them again after they were stolen. Thief must have known they were good when he/she took them" 

Customer Review


How long will the sports earbuds last me? 

Durability can mean two things, battery lifetime and headphone lifetime. If we start with the lifetime in general, Beats has done their part to make sure that the new Tour earbuds will be your long lasting workout buddy. These sports earphones are in general very well designed for workouts and thereby also very well built for the rough movement during exercises. A very high-quality plastic material is the foundation for these Tour sports earphones. This hardened plastic material has passed testing to see if the small earbuds can handle sports activities. So don’t worry about dropping them, they will survive.

It is not only the earbuds that are secure from top to toe. The wire is thicker than normal, so sweat, and other things that will wear them out won’t be an issue with the Beats Tour 2.0. All these extra security things do have an impact on the weight of the sports earphones. They weigh 20g in total, which isn’t the most lightweight workout headphones on the market. I would though still prefer a couple of extra grams than some headphones that break after a short time.


"Bought these for my son (he can destroy anything) and they have held up nicely. Good quality sound, though I think Beats by Dr. Dre is a little overpriced" 

Customer Review

Features of the new Tour earbuds 

Since Apple acquired Beats for a billion-dollar price, they have implemented an innovative and creative feature. One of them is the W1 chip which is in most of their wireless headphones. Unfortunately, the Beats Tour 2 is a pair of wired earphones, and therefore we can’t enjoy the intelligent features of the W1 chip. But they will probably make the next version wireless (if there will even come a new release).

Beats has in general designed and build these sports earphones for rough workouts. The angled earbud which points towards your eardrums will both give you better sound deliverance and a secure fit. You can also use the included wingtip and then I’ll bet you can’t get them out without using your hands.

The Y-shaped and tangle free wire is connecting the two earbuds to each other and terminates in a 3.5mm. jack. The thick tangle-free cable which consists of a high-quality rubber that will come in the same color scheme as the earbuds. For controlling the earphones, there is a three-button in-line remote control. There is nothing unique or extraordinary about the features of the inline remote control. It can do the same things as every other inline remote control. Change track, volume control and manage phone calls, no surprises there. The microphone works quite well, no problems with bad signals, wind or unclear voices. It comes with a hard shell case to secure transport of the earphones. Don't worry about the earphones. The case is safe enough to put in your bag without any problems.

If you wan't to check out the first Tour edition, check out this review from CNET