Beats X Wireless Earbuds Review

Gold Beats X
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    5 Minutes Charge = 2 Hour Playback 
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    W1 Chip 
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    Water & Sweat Resistant
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    Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life
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    Magnetic Earbuds
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    Flex-Form Cable
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    High Price

All you need to know

The BeatsX Bluetooth earphones cater for the needs of two different kinds of people. It's a perfect fit for people that love to work out. BeatsX offers a solid pair of in-ear headphones with decent sound that won't get in the way or weigh down users during physical activities. The Beats X will also appeal to a standard music listener, individuals that simply love the thrill of listening to songs. BeatsX earbuds are not completely perfect, but the downsides are minor considering the amazing features of this earphones including; improved battery life, quick charge, fast and efficient pairing, etc.

Our Final Verdict

The Beats X doesn't come cheap, however, for its amazing features; it’s an excellent device and provides good value for every single cent spent on it. If you need a pair of earbuds that have all the features outlined in this review and don’t mind spending a bit more on them, the BeatsX headphones are for you.

Full review

BeatsX wireless in-ear headphones by Apple are an excellent companion any music lover would enjoy. The extraordinary Flex-Form cable provides comfort and flexibility. The wingtips on the earbuds are designed to deliver stability, while its ear-tip option gives a personalized fit. Experience clear sounds with the BeatsX, and lasting use with up to eight hours of battery life. With its Fast Fuel feature, by simply charging the headphones for just 10 minutes you can get over 4 hours of play time. This newly crafted pair of in-ear headphones is W1-enabled, just like its previous editions - The Beats Solo 3, the Powerbeats 3 and the Apple AirPods. The BeatsX also has a Quick Charge feature, which is a new addition that makes it quite different from the other W1-enabled earphones. The Quick Charge feature makes charging super-fast, giving you up to two hours of listening pleasure from just a five-minute charge.


When we make a review of especially Bluetooth headphones, a smooth and beautiful design is important to us. And the BeatsX sports earbuds sure have passed the test. The BeatsX design is the traditional two earbuds connected to each other via a flexible cable. The flexible semi-circular cord wraps around the neck and goes out to each earbud. The batteries are stored in the wire around the neck, taking all the weight away from the wireless earpieces and allow the earbuds to fit comfortably. The cable also houses the inline controls. These are the basic controls that can be used to increase or decrease the volume, pause, skip or rewind music tracks. There is also a built-in microphone that can be used to make and answer calls as well. The in-headphones come with wingtips to hold them securely into your ears, and their exteriors have magnetic properties, which ensure that when the buds are not in use, they can lock together rather than dangle around aimlessly. This function is a new addition that prevents the Bluetooth earphones from falling off your neck. Because the wire sits naturally around the neck and the earbuds are held in your ears securely, the BeatsX is the perfect earphone to use while running or during a workout session. Another prominent advantage of this headset is that it has a water-resistant ability, although it isn’t 100% waterproof. The water-resistant ability means that you can use the BeatsX earphones during physical activities like running or workout without worrying about damage from heavy sweating. The Beats X is available in four different colors - black, white, gray and blue.


Sound Quality review

The sound quality of these sports headphones is astonishing, it is relatively clear, though not exceptional from its predecessors. It provides clean and bright sound. The earphones give an overall balance although the high vocals can sound a bit undefined. Unless you're a fanatic about sound quality, this is a minor issue.

Pairing the earbuds with your Bluetooth device

After getting the Beats X earphones, switch them on and hold it next to your iPhone and a big pop-up box will appear on the screen prompting you to connect. By just pressing the power button, the Bluetooth earphones will turn on and pair with your iPhone. The pairing speed is exceptional. As long as you use an Apple device, there is no need to set your phone in pairing mode or go searching for the Bluetooth menu. Immediately the wireless earphones are connected to your iPhone. The Beats X automatically pairs itself with other iCloud devices. That's perfect when you want to switch over to a MacBook or an Apple watch. The sports headphones also have a wider range of coverage than other more expensive Bluetooth earphones in the market. This range ensures that no connectivity problem will encounter while using the Beats X headphones. You should be able to leave your phone charging in a room and vacuum your entire house while listening to music on the headphones, without any interruptions.

The W1 Chip for a better wireless headphone experience.

The W1 chip is responsible for the wireless functionality of the Beats X. This chip enables your earphones to sync up easily to iOS devices and helps to preserve and extend battery life. As explained earlier, only holding a BeatsX next to your iPhone will trigger a popup menu asking you if you’d like to pair with the Bluetooth earphones. The Chip is responsible for the quick and easy pairing feature of these wireless headphones. Although Android users are accustomed to using NFC in pairing their devices, it is a ground-breaking feature for iOS users who struggle to pair their earphones with other iOS enabled devices. The inclusion of the W1 chip brings a lot of improvements. A massive applause to Beats by Dre for bringing the W1 chip on the market.

Battery life of BeatsX

The W1 also brings an extra boost regarding the Quick Charge feature and an extended battery life. The BeatsX can last for up to eight hours before it needs to recharge. With the Quick Charge capability, you can plug in the earphones when they are dead and get up to 25% charge in just five minutes. You can charge the Bluetooth earbuds via the lightning cable, and as long as you do not mind carrying a new cable around with you, you can charge your earphones at any time.