• 26. August 2017
Life in balance

The Best Routine to Healthy Living

We all want to lead healthy lives and stay disease-free. While this is one way to show how much we care about ourselves and love our lives, we need to try to evaluate and educate ourselves on some of the best practices that will make those goals possible.


Routine is a highly effective approach to ensure that we adopt and maintain healthy living. Doing some activities just once or occasionally when we choose to, will not completely help us to lead healthy lives. These activities should be done regularly to ensure that there is progress in our lives.

If you are eating processed or junk foods before, it is necessary you learn ways to eliminate them from your routine. Eating junk foods or prepared meals will do more harm than good and definitely cannot help your metabolism.

Set goals to stay motivated

Set realistic goals for yourself to aim and achieve for something that will improve your life. Planning is a good start to make this goal achievable. Set up the motivation to ensure that you will do the planned activities wholeheartedly and not just because you need to. Ask how, when and what you will do to achieve your set goals. In this way, you can know the necessary steps to make them possible.

In planning, you can start first with eliminating foods and drinks that are bad for your health. You can also try to avoid smoking or drink alcoholic beverages. Do not force-stop these habits but gradually cut down on them till you quit altogether to avoid any complications. When you drink too much, you may feel lazy and inefficient the next day, and this will surely mess up your planned routine.


If you already planned and set the goal, you may start your day with a bit of warm-up to wake your body muscles and joints. Stretching or warm up can also relax the body before exercise. Stretching is an excellent form of preparation to avoid muscle tear during the exercise.

Regular exercise is possible even if you have no time to visit the gym. You can try to do this in your home, at your convenience. You may be tired at the office or from the day’s work; however, you should remember the benefits you gain with regular exercise.

If your body is fit, wearing clothes and shoes of your choice won’t be a problem at all. A fit physique complemented with an excellent selection of clothes and shoes will make you look smarter and confident.

Stretching is not only before exercise. You can also do light stretching right before you start your daily activities. Even if you are busy at work, you can do it when you wake up. This stretching as you wake up will help you get ready for any task assigned to you.

The power of motivating music

Added to these routines, you can also mix those activities with the power of motivating music. There is much relaxing music that you can listen to feel less stress or fatigue. Music is a good therapy to heal the heart and make the mind concentrate on thinking positively.

During exercise, you can still use the power of music. You can play a running rhythm and speed up the pace while you are doing an aerobic exercise. Syncing exercise with the beat will make your body alive and energetic. A quick exercise helps in increasing our metabolism and burning fats.

You can personalize your exercise routine by applying more technique to it, based on how you can balance the activities.

Remember to eat proper

Exercise is not enough if you are not going to eat proper and nutritious foods. You should also check your calories and verify what foods you still need to have to get the calories that you lack to achieve the body structure you want. You can eat fruits or raw vegetables for your snacks after exercises. These are effective antioxidants for the body. The toxins expel from your body, and this could be in the form of sweat. Another activity to incorporate into your routine is to drink a lot of water to ensure that you replace the electrolytes that you lose.

After all those activities, we should make sure you eat nutrition-rich foods to maintain the proper routine you already started. The routine should be done daily and must appear in every meal. You can list a menu that will include your meal plan, and that must contain the three food groups.

I’ll recommend fruits and vegetables for those who are on a diet. Avoid eating fatty foods. It is better to burn fats and calories to ensure good health as this helps us avoid the risk of having heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Don’t forget the importance of a good night sleep

Leading a healthy lifestyle will also give you a good night sleep. Sleep is also an important routine for you to have a fair and glossy skin. It also helps in preventing wrinkles that make you appear older than your age. You will look stress-free if you regularly sleep for 6 to 8 hours daily. Sleep will refresh your entire body and mind and make you ready to face the day with confidence and a light feeling.

Avoid stress

During this routine, you should also avoid stress as this causes a lot of health problems. Problems are unavoidable; however, we must make a way before stress eats us up. Having a healthy lifestyle means eliminating those things that are not useful for you to have a good life.

Yes, we can!

We can achieve the goal for a healthy living if we motivate ourselves and make an effort to make them possible. No one ever wants a life full of worries and illness. If these two comes together, then what will our lives be? The decision lies in our hands.

No one can help us but ourselves. If we can control all those bad habits that lead to risky situations, then it is possible for us to achieve what we want. We should be grateful for the life given to us, so we must value it the same way we value our family and friends. Eat green and protein, stretch your muscles, exercise regularly, sleep adequately, avoid worries and forget bad habits. These are the key for you to succeed.