• 15. September 2017

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Bose SoundSport Pulse - In-depth Review

Review Summary

Product Name:

Bose SoundSport Pulse

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Bluetooth Headphones




Bose SoundSport Pulse Bluetoooth headphones has been popular among people for quite some time, and there's a good reason for that.

The Bose SoundSport Pulse does have many of the same features as the Bose SoundSport. The big difference is the extra features that come with the Pulse model which makes them the ultimate pair of wireless headphones if you are taking your training sessions seriously and want to improve your results.

The Soundsport Pulse has a more bulky design but still has a secure fit which makes them comfortable. They are water and sweat resistant and also like the Bose SoundSport; you'll pay for a reputable brand who knows how to make sure you'll get a high standard in the sound quality. 

What makes these wireless headphones unique is the In-built heart rate sensor. The In-built heart rate sensor means that the headphones can measure your heart rate through your ear which can be used to track your performance and therefore be the tool you need to push yourself further to get better results. 

Overall, if you're serious about your training, the Bose SoundSport pulse is the ultimate choice.

SoundSport Pulse

Introduction To The Bose SoundSport Pulse

The Bose SoundSport Pulse is the perfect in-ear headphones for your workout sessions. While running on the track or doing some cardio, the last thing you want to worry about is the wire getting tangled and inhibiting your movement. To avoid such a complication, Bose made the new SoundSport Pulse as a pair of wireless headphones. The earbuds come with a sensor which allows you to track and assess your heart rate while exercising and secure tips that do not come unattached when you're on the move.

They also come with an inline mic and a remote to control volume, rewind or skip tracks and take calls. It can be connected to your smartphone easily with Bluetooth and NFC pairing, and you can also use them with many fitness applications.

The Bluetooth headphones are water resistant as the earbuds are wrapped with a hydrophobic cloth that resists moisture. When fully charged, they can last for over 5 hours, long enough to complete your workout. The unmatched features of the Bose Soundsport pulse ensure that the wireless headphone offers an impressive audio performance while you're on the go or at the gym.

Let's go through a quick view on the sound

One of the biggest advantages of the Bose Soundsport Pulse is the sound. With these earphones, you can focus on increasing the intensity of your workouts without missing a beat of the music blaring into your ears. The earphone has a rich and smooth sound with powerful bass that effectively cancels out background noise. The sound is crisp and accurate, with average highs and lows that do not distort the overall sound.

The overall sound quality the headphones offer is good, but personally, I don't think the sound quality is as great as a good pair of noise cancellation headphones such as the Bose QuietComfort 35.

Bose has a good reputation for producing devices with impressive sound quality, and the Bluetooth headphones does not lack in this regard.

With these earphones, you can stay plugged in at all times listening to your favorite songs and audiobooks. The impressive audio will provide an enjoyable music playback.

Black SoundSport Pulse


The Bose SoundSport earphones have a built-in heart rate sensor that enables you to keep track of your performance with accurate readings directly from your ear.

The large plastic casing contains the battery, Bluetooth radios, and audio drivers. This housing is then attached to the earphone. The power button, pairing button, and the micro USB port are all on the right ear while on the underside of the left earbud you can find the heart-rate sensor.
The Bluetooth headphones uses a flexible neckband design with a cable that connects the two earbuds and rests behind your head.

The wingtips are attached to the outer part of the earbuds and the side of the silicone tips which go into the ear to ensure that they are stable and secure. The cable attaching the two earbuds has a three-button inline remote built into it, eliminating the need to reach for your phone when you need to control the music.

The remote includes the volume buttons, a central button for playing, pausing and skipping tracks as well as a microphone for hands-free calling. There's also an NFC chip in the remote, which makes it possible to pair your device with the headphones fast. The clip included in the box can be used to secure this cable behind your neck.

To pair the earphones with your phone, all you need to do is hold the button located on the right ear and wait for the voice prompt.

You can only pair the SoundSport with compatible devices.
Each time you turn on the wireless headphones, a robotic voice will pronounce the device it is connected to, and it will give an update on the battery life of your device.
Pairing the earphones with a phone is expected to be relatively easy, but the experience may differ on different devices.
The Bose SoundSport Pulse comes in a black color with some red highlights.

 Innovative Heart Rate Monitoring 

More and more fitness trackers are made with heart rate monitors, and the Bose soundsport earphones are one of such audio devices with a feature that tracks heart rate.
For people who are not comfortable with chest straps or wristwatch-style fitness trackers with inbuilt heart rate monitor, these wireless earphones are the best options.
The ear is a perfect place for a heart rate monitor to track pulse and capture the information because it is a useful pressure point and the chances of the sensor shifting are very slim.
The earbuds heart-rate monitor can be connected with other fitness apps to track and monitor your heart rate data. That is one of its major features. The ability to get an accurate reading makes the SoundSport the perfect companion when exercising.
It is important that the earbuds fit comfortably in the ear before you begin measuring your heart rate as they must remain constant in the ear to get a good reading.
Any slight movement can disconnect the biometric measurement.

Red SoundSport Pulse

The StayHear+ Pulse tips creates a secure fit

Bose makes use of StayHear+ Pulse tips to ensure that the earbuds stay safe in your ears. The StayHear + Pulse tips are quite similar to a standard tip but with a rounded hook that goes into a part of the ear, anchors them in place.

The in-ear hooks are made of soft silicone, and the wingtips are a tight fit. The wingtips are added to offset the weight of the large earpieces and hold them in place. As mentioned earlier, there are different sizes of ear tips in the box, so finding the perfect size for your ears shouldn't be difficult.


The large earpieces of the earphones give an impression of being too large to fit into the ears and can look quite odd. Even with the bulky design, the earphones sit quite comfortably in the ears.

The earphones are wireless, and this is a feature that equates comfort. At the gym, you do not have to worry about something as mundane as tangled wires while in the middle of a workout and runners can move their arms freely without the fear of dislodging the earphones and interrupting the music playback.

Like every other headphone that's suitable for running and every other exercise, the Bluetooth headphones is also sweat and weather resistant. It is impossible to have a thorough workout session without sweating heavily. The hydrophobic coating will assist in preventing the build-up of moisture, and so you can even use the earphones in the rain.


In the box, you'll find a quick start guide, some warranty cards, as well as a soft pouch with a zipper and a carabiner clip.

The StayHear+ Pulse tips come in three different sizes to make sure you get the perfect fit for your ears. Lastly, there's also a micro USB cable that makes it possible to recharge the wireless headphones.

The earphones and the added pieces come bundled with a carry case. This case can be used to protect and transport the earphones.

How long will my SoundSport Pulse last?

The Bluetooth headphones are durable and are liable to last for a long time if used carefully. It is best to store and carry the earphones in the accompanying case to avoid losing one or more of the essential pieces.

The sports headphones also offer up to 5 hours of battery life and music playback after a full charge. Another great feature of the earphones is that with only 15 minutes of charge, you can use them for about an hour.

This fast recharge is perfect when you need to take it with you on a quick run. As earlier mentioned, it's possible to charge the wireless headphones with the Micro USB cable.


• Wireless pair of headphones in a plastic casing.
• Three different sets of secure silicon tips that provide stability while running or during an intense workout session.
• USB to micro USB cable
• Inbuilt heart rate sensor to monitor performance while exercising.
• Bluetooth and NFC pairing to connect them with compatible devices.
• Sweat and weather resistance with a Hydrophobic cloth to resist moisture.
• Compatible with popular fitness apps such as MapMyRun, RunKeeper, and Endomondo.
• Impressive sound quality and battery life.
• One Lithium-ion battery.
5 hours of playtime

The Bottom Line of this Review

The primary disadvantages for the in-ear headphones are the price, the bulky design and the potential for every-day charging. In spite of these, the Soundsports is a pair of solid wireless sports headphones.

For those who don’t mind spending the extra cash on a pair of high-quality premium sports headphones and don't care to charge them frequently, then it's an excellent choice to buy the Bluetooth headphones from Bose.

In summary, the earphones are comfortable to wear, and they are a good option for people who need their workouts and exercise routines.


The Good Stuff:

- Secure Fit
- In-built Heart Rate Sensor
- Water & Sweat Resistant
- Fast Recharge
- Wireless

The Bad Stuff:

- A Bit Expensive
- 5 Hours Of Playtime

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