Bragi The Dash True Wireless Swimbuds/Earbuds Review

Bragi Dash
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    Heart Rate Monitor
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    Waterproof down to 1 meter
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    Cable-free Swimbuds
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    Tracks running, cycling, swimming etc.
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    Music player with 4GB storage.
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    No buttons, 'Nod' Control
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    Only around 4 hours of Battery life
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    Not the best Bluetooth Performance

All you need to know 

In a world that has gone wireless, Bragi presents a recent invention - The dash. Described as the world's first hearable and power-packed with several unique features, These waterproof swimbuds from Bragi are the next big thing.
Bragi Dash waterproof in-ear headphones come with a fitness tracker, music player option and Bluetooth connectivity. It also serves as an excellent communication device.
The in-ear biometric sensor allows you to track and monitor your heart rate, breathing, and duration while running, cycling or swimming. A robotic voice provides you with audio feedback while you're on the go. Apart from being the perfect accessory to have at the gym, these dash earbuds are waterproof up to 1m/3ft. That means that these swimbuds are perfect for swimming and surfing.
These headphones have a technology - Kinetic User Interface, which enables users to operate the swimbuds by using hand gestures. In this way, you can control these dash and even answer a call with a nod, or swipe gestures. By simply pairing these swimbuds with your Bluetooth enabled device, you can stay connected all day long. The music player with 4GB memory space is enough for your music needs, or you could stream directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth.
These swimbuds also provide you with about 4 hours of battery life with the option of charging on the go with the accompanying portable charger. If you are looking for wireless earbuds with longer battery time, check out the 
Powerbeats 3.

The PerfectFit design ensures that the earbuds stay secure and comfortable in your ear. It doesn't matter whether you're jumping, skipping or running, the dash swimbuds will stay in your ear.
Even with these impressive features, Bragi promises to release frequent updates to enhance the performance of these true wireless earbuds.

Our final verdict

The Bragi Dash waterproof headphone is far from perfect. Although it comes with incredible features and a solid audio performance, improvements are required. The fitness tracker and heart rate monitor is a welcome addition. If you need wireless swimbuds that you can wear comfortably in wet conditions, and you don't mind the rather high price, then you should go for these swimbuds /earbuds.

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The Dash swimbuds/earbuds are one of the few actual wireless earbuds in the market. As the term 'wireless' implies, they have no cables attached to them. These swimbuds, which looks like teardrops connect to each other through a new technology - NFMI (Near-Field Magnetic Induction). Bluetooth aids connectivity to other devices.
23 sensors are embedded in The true wireless Dash headphones all with the purpose of tracking your activities. Quite similar to wearables worn on the wrist, these Dash is designed to play the combined role of a digital personal assistant, and health coach. That's made possible by the internal sensors which do not only monitor your heart rate and breathing but also respond to gestures and so much more.
The German company, Bragi aims to enhance the features of these Dash over time.
In the meantime, the Bragi Dash waterproof earbuds can be used to manage phone calls and listen to music. You can also track your movement, heart rate, and breathing while swimming. Did I mention that it's also waterproof?


The Bragi Dash comes in a very impressive package. The kind you would expect from a hi-tech product from Apple. For a start-up company launching its second device, Bragi sure puts a lot of effort into making a great first impression.
In the box, you find The Dash headphones, which is pre-installed with a small ear tip, a carry case that also serves as a charger and three additional tips. These silicone tips and the extra skins, referred to as FitSleeves, are provided to fit ears of different sizes.
The plastic carrying case has two holes purposefully sculpted to fit each earbud.
The earbuds are magnetic and so snap into place when they come in contact with the contact points in the charging case. A micro USB port is present on one side of the cradle station along with an LED light that signals when the earbuds are fully charged.

Sound quality

Sound Quality
The Bragi Dash waterproof headphones provide a decent audio performance. Although music playback of these swimbuds is not as exceptional as other high-end devices, the sound quality is well-rounded.
When listening to bass rich music tracks, the Dash responds with low frequency, and there are no concerns even at high listening levels. For records on a more reasonable level, these dash earbuds give out a response on an even keel while maintaining a strong bass response. The fact that the True Wireless Dash does not invent deep bass where there's none, and it has a crisp and clean response is worth mentioning. Unlike most fitness earbuds, these swimbuds do not give out exaggerated responses while the music player is on.
These true wireless earbuds makes use of a transparency mode which can be controlled with the app or with a series of swipes. When this mode is enabled, the ambient mics will allow you to listen to everything going on around you without drowning out the music.
For a device that has no mic close to the mouth, these dash earbuds offer clear feedback during phone calls.

A secure fit 

The Bragi Dash earbuds fit securely in the ears. To secure them, you simply have to insert these teardrop-shaped earbuds into your ear canal and rotate them.
At first glance, it seems like these swimbuds will fall out of the ear at any slight movement, especially if you're swimming. However, that's not the case with these swimbuds as they provide a snug secure fit without causing any discomfort. The dash will stay in place even during rigorous activities that demand a lot of body movement. For activities such as running, jogging or even swimming, the Bragi earbuds are in no danger of falling out.


As implied earlier, the Bragi Dash is a very comfortable pair of waterproof earbuds. With the goal of providing more support and ensure that they fit well in your ear, these swimbuds come along with extra silicon tips. The three sets of 'FitSleeves' made available are meant to fit different-sized ears. They go over the earpiece for a more secure fit.
To ensure that you are not disturbed by the outside world, these headphones have a noise cancellation feature - Transparency Mode. The transparency mode makes use of the microphones to transmit ambient noise into your ears. In this way, you remain undisturbed by the affairs of your immediate environment. Furthermore, this feature can be used to block out sounds even when there's no music playing.


The Bragi Dash waterproof headphones are designed to be the perfect in-ear companion. Bragi employs a very compact design, and the earbuds have a curvy shape to make them sit comfortably in the ears. The teardrop-shaped earbuds stay firmly in your ear even during rigorous exercises. As a true wireless headphone, the swimbuds comes without any attached cables.
The inner part of the earbuds contains the heart rate sensor and the five gold contact points for charging.
These headphones come with extra eartips in four different sizes. The FitSleeves, as they are referred to, are silicon skins which Bragi provides to ensure that the swimbuds fit securely in your ears. Unlike the XS tip, the other sizes actually look like standard eartips attached to swimming caps. The thickness of the material is what provides a firm fit even during harsh activities. It is essential to pick out the right size so they will stay firmly in your ears. 


How long will the earbuds last?

Due to the unique design and rugged packaging of the Bragi Dash, they are highly durable.

Battery Life

With a 2200mah battery, the Dash provides you with about three hours of use, four for music playback only. That gives you more than enough time to have exercise or workout at the gym. While heading out, it's best to take the carrying case along with you. The case does not only provide a protective transport for the earbuds, but it also serves as a charging case.
Although the case can be plugged into a USB plug or a computer, it also charges by itself. That means that you can juice up the headphones when the battery is running low, and you're away from a power source. With less than five hours of battery life, this charging case will surely come in handy.
You can tell when the swimbuds begin charging as they'll flash a blue light before pulsing repeatedly. The color of the light changes depending on much juice remains in the batteries. It glows blue when it's full, green for high and red for low.

Controls & Connectivity

Immediately when you take out the Bragi Dash earbuds from the box and place them in your ears, they will automatically turn on by themselves. The next hurdle is figuring out how to operate them since the presence of any physical buttons is non-existent, it can be a bit confusing.
Much like the touchpad on a laptop or a smartphone, the Dash are controlled by pressing or tapping the touch-sensitive surface of the earbuds. It might take some time for you to get acquainted with the different touch commands meant for each earbud. Each command is acknowledged and confirmed by a beep robotic voice.
Like most earbuds in the market, these Bragi headphones can be paired with any smart device so you can connect these headphones to your Apple or Android smartphone. The headphones communicate with your device through Bluetooth connectivity.
To enjoy all the remarkable features that the Dash earbuds offers, it is essential that you download the companion app. This app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. After pairing with your device, the companion app enables you to modify the settings of the headphones.
Using a recent technology quite similar to those used in hearing aids, the right and left earbud of Bragi's true wireless headphones can communicate with each other. That allows them to register commands without delays and offer a synchronized response.

Operation range of these completely cord-free earphones

Now, the operation range the Dash aren't that impressive. Even though it says on paper that the swimbuds have an operation range of 33 feet (10 meters), it's not quite true.
The problem is that the some of the earbud samples have connectivity problems. We didn't personally experience. However, through some customer reviews, we can conclude that more than a handful people experience these issues. 

That isn't optimal at all, but remember you can storage up to 4GB music on the swimbuds so you don't need your Bluetooth device to play music. 4GB will give you up to 1000 songs. So you should be fine. 

Bragis Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker is the most impressive feature of the Bragi Dash waterproof earbuds.
The Dash companion app enables you to create a profile and fill in important details such as; weight, gender, height and length of running steps. The information is required to enable the fitness tracker to provide accurate readings. That means that you do not have to take your sports watch along with you to the gym for a workout session. The Bragi earbuds fitness tracker and companion app eliminate the need for additional fitness apps. Which is pretty neat.
The app has three different modes for tracking; running, cycling and swimming. So, if you have the swimbuds one while engaging in any of these activities, the app will monitor - heart rate, duration, distance, speed, direction, breaths, pool length, etc. To check your previous fitness stats, you can visit the review section of the app where the records get stored.
For those who enjoy running and other similar exercises, the Dash is a dream coming true. It brings an end to the numerous problems that come with cabled headphones. As a wireless earbud, the lack of flailing cables and built-in heart rate sensor ensure a pleasant running experience. You also have 4GB of storage to store your favorite music tracks.


• Heart rate sensor.
• Waterproof up to 1m/3 ft.
• Exclusive PerfectFit design.
• Bluetooth connectivity.
• Transparency Mode for noise cancellation.
• 2200mah battery.
• 4GB of music storage.

On a final note, Bragi is a relatively young company. A 2016 start-up funded by crowdfunding. One of the nice things about young companies is that they usually don't pretend like their product is 'the best in the on the market.'. In a interview with Forbes, the CEO of Bragi states that since the Bragi Dash is still under development, some occasional connection-drops might occur. And that's also one of the issues we can conclude after this review. However, companies wouldn't tell the truth about things like this. Imagine if Apple announced that their battery on the iPhones isn't close to being the best. Exactly, that would never happen.

But the good thing about the statement is that you can expect Bragi products to be as announced since they seem like a pretty honest company. Something we are huge fans of at Sports Amigos.