5 Simple Tips for an Active Lifestyle That You can Implement Right Away

  • 26. August 2018
5 tips to an active lifestyle

We all aim to have a healthy body, happy life, and an active way of life. There are ways to achieve these things. To realize these goals, our attitude always comes into play. Our approach is relevant because we need to be motivated and willing to make these things happen for us.

Proper diet for an active lifestyle

One of the keys to a healthy body is to eat nutritious foods. Yes, this is right; however, we should also have in mind that we need to make certain that the foods we eat are processed or cooked with safety as a top priority.

Eating the right kinds of food from the primary food group is necessary to have good health. There are also some food types that need to undergo a series of processing before reaching our plates during a meal. We should not only eat the right kinds of foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins, but we should also eat clean and fresh varieties of them.

In this way, we get to avoid the risk of contracting diseases associated with eating harmful and toxic foods. Though anti-oxidant substances are present in our body, it is, however, better to be cautious of every food we eat.

Avoid overeating processed foods. Though treated meats can be rich in protein, they have already lost their vitamins and minerals when they undergo different stages of processing. After those processes, you will further need to either cook, fry or boil them which is another process on its own.

Don’t forget the vegetables and to drink a lot of water

Ensure you eat fruits and vegetables daily. Make sure that this is always present in your diet every day. These foods are not just nutritious, but they are an excellent source of antioxidants, too. The best help to eliminate the toxins that cause illness from our body.

Drink a lot of water. Water is helpful to hydrate our body, especially after exercises. They can also be great therapy for when we have colds. Anytime you are suffering from cold, cough or runny nose drink around 8-12 glasses of water a day and you will feel better. That’s why doctors often recommend you drink a lot of water.

You should also drink water after exercises or workouts. The amount should be greater since you lose a lot of electrolytes from your body during activities. They expel in the form of sweat, and you must replace it by drinking water.


Along with proper diet is exercise. Regular activities will develop our muscles, tissues, and bones to give us bodily strength. Being active daily is very important to increase our metabolism and burn excess fats that can cause different health conditions.

Do exercises according to within your capability. Exercises do not only bring strength to our body. It is also a way to relieve stress and emotional fatigue caused by the environmental stress that surrounds us.

Warm up before starting the exercise. The purpose of this is to stretch your muscles and joints so that your body can become flexible and adjust to the heavy exercises that you will do. You can try to personalize your exercise routine if you think you need to develop some specific parts of your body more than others.

Times when you are too lazy to do any exercises. If you want to enjoy your exercise, you can combine it with dancing. Take, for example; you want to develop your waistline because you want to wear the sexiest pants you saw in the department store. Also, you want to burn those fats and achieve a slimmer waistline. Try belly dancing. In this way, you will not even notice that you are already exercising. It will be more fun and enjoyable.

Schedule your exercises

Schedule the exercise for about 3-4 times a week. For people who are usually busy at work and their daily routine is often from work to home, and home to work. However, there are still ways for them to be active. Walking is a good exercise for your legs. If you use to sit the whole day at the office, then walking is a great way to stretch muscles and reinvigorate your body metabolism.

You can choose to walk if the distance from your home to the workplace is just a kilometer away instead of riding in a vehicle. The walking is also another way to avoid the stressful traffic.

There are also other forms of exercises that can be done at home if you have no time to go to the gym. Spending an hour or two doing these home workouts is helpful to gain strength than sitting in front of the television and eating junk foods. Sitting in front of the television the whole day is a bad habit that you need to cut out if you want to live healthily.

Avoid stress

Aside from proper diet and exercise, we should also avoid things that may cause us stress. An emotional imbalance could lead to improper functioning of our brain and heart. The effect of emotional fatigue is greater than the fatigue felt by our body. Emotional fatigue is one of the reasons why people suffer from heart diseases.

To avoid stress, we should focus on the positive sides of life. Problems will always be a part of our life, and this is unavoidable. We can try to do some activities that may help us cope with these life crises. Yoga is one form of exercise that will not only relax your body, but it can also heal our aching hearts and stressed minds.

Better concentration on the good things that life brings us will lead to a great self-esteem. It makes us ready for anything that we might encounter along the way, whether it is a severe problem, serious illness or failure. There is always a solution for those.

An active lifestyle equals healthy living

Proper diet, regular exercise and avoiding stress are different ways to live a healthy and productive life. If we are going to apply all of these at the same time, it is impossible not to achieve what we aim for- healthy living.

Lastly, if we follow all these routines and combine them with prayers, only then can we say that we truly value the quality of life. There are circumstances that we cannot avoid, but always remember, the greater our will and self-discipline, the more we are blessed to survive life’s uncertainties.

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