• 9. September 2018

Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Review

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds
  • thumbs-up
    Completely Cord Free 
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    Fully Water & Sweat Proof
  • thumbs-up
    In-Ear Heart Rate Monitor And Analyzer
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    Jabra Sport Life - App
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    Charging Case
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    Superior Sound
  • thumbs-down
    High Price even though you get a High Quality Product
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    3 hours of playtime

All you need to know 

The cord-free Jabra Elite Sport is a luxury pair of true wireless earbuds made for sports. The model cost around $250 at Amazon, but you'll also get one of the most advanced truly wireless sports earbuds.

In the purchase, you'll also get a charging case which you can use to recharge your headphones while you're on the run or you can use it as protection. You'll also get three different pairs of ear-tips: wings, silicon, and foam in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large alongside with a user guide.

The Elite Sport provides clean and clear sound quality with a decent amount of bass, overall, a great sound experience especially compared to how small this model is. They are made in a premium quality built, and they are lightweight, which will ensure that they feel comfortable and that they won't break easily.

The battery life is decent for a couple of truly wireless headphones; however, you'll only get 3 hours of playtime. The charging case can provide you with 6 extra hours of playtime, and after only 15 minutes of charging, you'll get an extra hour of playtime.

They are sweat and waterproof which is a must if you're looking for a great pair of headphones for running. You can use them 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. Jabra also provides a 3-year warranty against sweat, so overall you'll get a couple of headphones that you can use for many years.

The wireless earphones are user-friendly, and they also got some pretty unique features. There are implemented a heart-rate and fitness analyzer sensor which makes it possible to measure your heart rate and fitness through your ears. Jabra has also managed to develop their app called Sport Life, which is incredible for workouts.

Our final verdict

From our point of view, Jabra has made one of the best true wireless earbuds for sports. Regarding design, sound quality and comfort, the Jabra Elite Sport certainly measure up to "normal" wireless and wired headphones.

Moreover, they even have some of the best functions and features we have seen yet. Precisely these features are the reasons why Jabra can call their model "Elite Sport". The Sport Life App is outstanding for sports use.

However, you should make up in your mind if 3 hours of play time is enough for you. As mentioned earlier, we think that this is their biggest con and where they can't quite measure up to "normal" wireless and wired headphones.

So bottom line, if you're looking for premium quality truly wireless earbuds for sports or running and 3 hours of playtime is enough for you, then the Jabra Elite Sport is worth the price.

Full Review


The Danish Jabra has joined the market for "truly wireless" headphones, which is a showdown against the wired headphones. The Elite Sport are as the name is referring to, an elite pair of true wireless earbuds. You'll have to pay the price around $250 at Amazon for these luxury Bluetooth headphones. 

We will in this review investigate if Jabra's true wireless headphones can compare with the "normal" wireless and wired headphones.


First of all, I must say that I've been looking forward to unboxing the Jabra Elite Sport. True wireless headphones is a market that has grown within the past couple of years, and therefore I've been excited to see what this premium wireless earbuds are capable of.

You'll get your in-ear headphones in a beautiful looking box where Jabra has written that the Elite Sport is "The most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds." 

Inside of the box, you'll find a couple of ear-tips. There are 3 different sizes of secure fit wings: small, medium, large and also the 3 same sizes just for the silicon ear-tips and for the foam ear-tips. The wings are my favorite ear-tips to use for running, because of the secure fit. Otherwise, the silicon is the most comfortable and the foam tips are great for noise isolation because they will cover every part of your ear canal.

Further, you'll find a USB charging cable, a user guide, the Jabra Elite Sport earphones and a charging case. This charging case is incredibly smart.

 First of all, the charging case makes sure that you can charge your wireless headphones while you're on the run. Secondly, the charging case protects the sports headphones from getting damaged while you're traveling and it makes sure that you won't lose your small in-ear headphones.

Sound quality

You should not judge Jabra on its size; they can certainly deliver. With over 16 years of experience with Bluetooth technology, Jabra has made sure that the in-ear headphones provides a nice amount of bass. Overall we had a clean and clear perception of the sound quality. The bass has a good balance compared to many other wireless headphones we've tested; it is neither too weak or too deep.
Jabra has successfully built-in noise reduction which our experience tells us is excellent for a workout at the gym if you just want to hear your music.

Furthermore, Jabra has made it possible to optionally control whether you want to hear from one or both earbuds. You can just double-tap the earbud, and you'll instantly be aware of your surroundings, which can be great if you're out for a run.

Jabra Elite Sport has a high price, which is also the reason why the sound quality should be great. If you want a cheaper pair of Bluetooth headphones that also provides a great sound experience, I'll recommend Treblab XR500.


The Bluetooth headphones are extremely lightweight; actually, they are so light that you'll barely notice that you've them in your ears. The lightweight makes sure that the earbuds don't feel uncomfortable. It's quite fascinating that Jabra has managed to make them so lightweight, without compromise the sound quality or the advanced technology.

As mentioned earlier, there is 3 kind of ear-tips that comes in 3 sizes. The different sizes of ear-tips will ensure that you'll find the pair that gives you the most comfort. The ear-tips will also provide you with a secure fit, which will make sure that the wireless earbuds won't fall out. The real break dealer that gives you the convenience is the truly wireless design. As earlier mentioned, the true wireless design makes sure that the earphones are completely cord-free. As a runner, I really know how annoying it can be when the cord is bouncing towards you, which sometimes makes the earbuds fall out of the ears. That inconvenience is gone with the Jabra Elite Sport, and the cord-free design is one major reason why truly wireless headphones, in general, are perfect for running.


The Jabra Elite Sport has a premium quality build, which comes in an elegant black design. You can feel that this aren't a pair of cheap discount headphones, but a luxury pair of earbuds. The sports headphones size is as followed: 4.7 4.7 x 1.8 x 7.1 inches, which means that they are a little bit big if you compare them to other truly wireless headphones such as the Treblab x11. This size means that they'll slightly stick out from the ear. However, this doesn't feel uncomfortable or looks silly.

We find it quite stylish, and we think that it is good to see a new unique design. With the truly wireless design, you'll also be cord free, which you really will appreciate when you're doing sports.


How long will Jabra Elite Sport last?

The battery life is quite decent for a couple of true wireless headphones, but in my opinion, 3 hours of playtime isn't enough.

 This 3 hours playtime is one of the shortest battery life in a pair of Bluetooth headphones that we've tested yet. The battery life is enough for me for my workouts in the gym and my running sessions. However, if you're the type who often have long training sessions for example through running or cycling, it is not certain that these workout headphones are for you.

 In that case, I'll recommend a great pair of wireless earphones such as the Powerbeats 3 which has up to 12 hours of playtime, as you can read in our Powerbeats 3 review.

It's possible to slip the Elite Sport into their charging case, which can provide 6 hours of extra playtime. It's possible because there are integrated a battery which provides two additional charges. This charging case is quite smart, it charges very quickly and only after 15 minutes you'll have around 1 extra hour of playtime.

Due to the quality build, the Sports headphones won't break easily if you drop them. However, I'll recommend to store them in the charging case to protect them from damage. The earbuds are fully sweat-and waterproof, which is a must if you're looking for a pair of headphones for sports or running. Yes, they are waterproof and not just water resistant. They are IP67 waterproof, which means that it's possible to use them down to 1 meter underwater for up to 30 minutes.

Jabra does also provide a 3-year warranty against sweat, registration through the Sport Life app is just required.


In our point of view, the reason why Jabra can call their Bluetooth headphones for "Elite Sport" is that they have some great functions and features.

First of all, Jabra has some user-friendly features. Left earbud has a plus and minus function which is used to increase or decrease the volume. If you hold one of the buttons down, you'll either skip further into the song or skip to the next song. This skip depends on which kind of app you got.

The right earbud has a multi-function where it's possible to answer or reject calls and start/stop the music. At the same time in the bottom of the right earbud, there is a button to turn on and pair the sports headphones. Further, a double tap will open up for the ambient sound so you can hear your surroundings.
Furthermore, there is a button to open the Jabra Sport Life app, or by holding the button for a longer time, it's even possible to start a workout activity.

There's a lot of functions, and therefore we recommend that you read the manual that follows. However, the features work pretty well and they are easy to use as soon as you have read the manual.

Jabra Sport Life

As previously mentioned, Jabra also has some amazing features. One of these features is that Jabra has implemented a heart-rate sensor. This sensor can measure your heart rate through your ears, which is unique.

Jabra has developed an app which is called Jabra Sport Life. This app, which works for apple and android, has also been there in the previous models, it has just got better features over time.

The app can among other things track a variety of activities such as running, walking and cycling, etc. From here it is among other things possible to have distance goal, duration goal, and calorie burn goal. As if that weren't enough, Jabra has even implemented guided workouts that come with proposals for example, how many squat reps to take. The technology can even measure how many reps you take.

This rep-count is especially convenient for Cross-fit since high-intensity workouts tend to make you forget the simplest things. This feature is the best we have tried concerning training.

Jaybird x3 also has a nice app, this focus, however, more to customize the sound.

Key features

  • Superior sound
  • Cord-free
  • 3 hours talk/music time
  • In-ear heart rate monitor and analyzer
  • In-ear audio coaching
  • Jabra Sport life app
  • Fully Sweat- and waterproof
  • Price: Around $250 at Amazon


If you buy the Jabra Elite Sport, you'll get a pair of pretty cool and advanced Bluetooth headphones, but they are expensive. If the price isn't an issue for you, this is one of the best truly wireless headphones for sports that you can get.

You'll have to spend a lot on these sports earbuds, but you'll at the same time get value for your money. You'll get a premium quality build pair of in-ear headphones with amazing functions and features with great sound. The only disadvantages are the battery life.

These sports headphones has made an early entry into the true wireless headphone market. Even though they are one of the best ones, it's not impossible to imagine that the technology for completely cord-free Bluetooth headphones will be better in the future, for example, that the battery time will get longer.