Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless Earbuds Review 2017

Jaybird Freedom Earbuds
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    Natural Rich Sound
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    MySound App
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    Water & Sweat Resistant
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    4 Hours Of Battery Life + Additional 4 Hours From The Charging Clip
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    Can Connect to 2 Devices 
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    Patented Silicone Fin
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    Up to 30 feet in Operation Range
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    The remote is a bit to heavy
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    If you lose the charging clip, you can't charge them

All you need to know 

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wireless earbuds? For me, I would say convenience. 

Yes, this recent technology has significantly reduced the discomfort of earbuds and on-head headphones with wires that keep dangling while we go about our daily activities.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment where your headphone cord got tangled with a total stranger, or your phone was yanked out by the cord? Then, you will see the reason why wireless earbuds are receiving so much popularity, and that is why for this review, we chose one of the most astounding earbuds from the Jaybird, a company known for its high-quality products. 

If you are searching for a wireless earbud with a perfect blend of convenience, great sound quality, excellent coverage, and a good battery life, then look no further, as the Jaybird Freedom is just what you need.

The Freedom wireless is one of a kind, as it has tiny earbuds, with a molded metal finish, which is rare for a wireless earbud, since most brands use plastic. It comes with the Bluetooth 4.1; the latest Bluetooth version that ensures you got a connection to your device. Furthermore, if you are the type that loves to multitask on two or more devices, these Jaybird earbuds can connect at the same time to two or more devices, such as a laptop and phone

Ideal for sport

If you think that's all the Jaybird has to offer, then be ready to be amazed, since this earbud is sweatproof and waterproof. This feature makes it a top choice for mountain bikers, joggers, bodybuilders, and it is perfect for any weather, without any fear of malfunction through moisture. You might ask: what about its battery life, and for how long does it charge?. Yes, the battery life is a major concern for many people when it comes to purchasing wireless headphones. Most wireless headphones have an average battery life, but this is not the case for the Jaybird wireless earbud. The battery life of this device is 4 hours, with an additional 4 hours battery life from a backup. Lastly, the charging time is a bit much, as it takes 2.5 hours to recharge them.

Our final verdict

Jaybird Freedom is truly an innovative gadget of efficiency and convenience, although, there are few setbacks to this gadget, before I go further, I will love to get you well acquainted to its advantages and setbacks.

Full Review


Most of us are attached to our phones or gadgets like smartwatches and laptops, for most of the day. In fact, it has become an extension of who we are. Through our daily commute, or during a workout session, or while riding on a trail, we always crave the distractions provided by these gadgets.

Although in recent years, there has been a shift in attention to wireless devices. This change in focus happens since most people hate untangling the cords of wired earbuds or headphones. It's also due to the inconvenience involved in reaching for your phone to change the music or take a call while doing other activities.

Bluetooth headphones enable us to focus on other things or tasks while listening to your favorite playlist. Although there's still a demand for wired headphones, studies show that in the next few years, there will be a significant shift towards Bluetooth headphones. So if you are the type that loves multitasking, then you need Bluetooth earbuds, specifically, the Jaybird Freedom. 

These Jaybird earbuds' micro slim build makes it a top choice for so many audiophiles and fitness experts, and also the subject of so many positive reviews.

Additionally, the sound quality of this gadget is exceptionally high, as a Bluetooth device. Since most Bluetooth earbuds are known for their lesser sound quality, when compared to wired earbuds, this is surely a bonus.


The Jaybird Freedom earbuds come in a medium-sized package. The package is robust enough to withstand the damages that occur during shipping. The gadgets come with a lot of parts. So, when you unbox, these are the ​​​​parts that you will see.

Freedom Bluetooth Buds

There's one thing that we all have in common, and that is the love of good, and clear sound. The Jaybird Freedom recognizes this fact, and that is why the ea​​​​rbuds are built to produce rich and natural sounds. These earbuds come in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large, to fit perfectly in your ears. The earbuds come in metal. Lastly, it operates on Bluetooth 4.1.

3 Pairs Ear tips (small, medium and large)

The ear tip locks into the bowl of the ear. It gives a tight fit with the lower, top portions of the bowl of the ear. These ear fins come in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large.

Three pairs Comply Premium Fit Ear Tips

These ear tips ensure total noise isolation and can expand to fit perfectly in your ears. They come in 3 pairs of different sizes.

USB Charging Cable

The micro USB cable connects to the charging clip at one end, and at the other end, the USB adaptor. A full charge requires 2.5 hours. Although I'll recommend a full charge before use, it is not necessary.

Cord Clip

The cord clip attaches to the back of your cloth, to prevent the wire from moving around.

Sound quality

A wireless earbud is useless without a good sound quality, even though it has the best components available. On-ear wired headphones have better sound quality than most wireless earbuds. The large size of on-ear headphones makes it too easy to fit better components that will produce great sounds.

However, the speaker design of the Freedom earbuds provides a high sound quality that can rival any of these top quality headphones. The sound quality has a 6mm driver for subtle lows and a booming bass. With this, you get to experience the pitch, timbre, and richness of every note while listening t music. It is no surprise that most audiophiles are giving this gadget positive reviews.

Additionally, you can tweak the sound quality to your taste by using the MySound app. Lastly, The Jaybird Freedom has a design for fitness, the flat EQ profile of this gadget places a great emphasis on the bass.

A secure fit 

No one wants to deal with an earbud that falls out all the time during workouts and intense physical activities. To prevent such events from happening, the Jaybird Freedom has a sleek design with over 21 attachments, to ensure that they lock perfectly into your ears. 

They include three sizes of silicone tips, and three sizes of memory foam tips, for different ear sizes. It also consists of three sizes of silicone ear fins that attach securely to the ear canal. There’s also a little plastic clip to attach the wire to your shirt, and an extra clip to shorten the cable. 

So with all these components, you do not have to worry about any distractions during your workout sessions.


Comfort is always one of the things we consider before getting a gadget, especially if it’s Bluetooth earbuds. Firstly, we check how much the ear muffs fit into our ears, since, some Bluetooth ear muffs cause discomfort to the user, by digging too deep into the ear canal.

 That is why the Jaybird Freedom comes with three different sizes of memory foam and silicone tip, to ensure convenience to the user. Above all, the lightweight build of this gadget contributes significantly to the comfort of its users.

Additionally, this device comes with clips to prevent it from flapping around and holds it in place. Truly, this is a good companion for outdoor activities, as the gadget sits snugly against the back of your neck without causing any discomfort.

However, too much use of the earphones might cause some discomfort to the ears.


The Jaybird Freedom’s sleek and slim design is truly a marvel. This design is an improvement from its previous version, the X2, which was very bulky.

Truly, this gadget is one of the best wireless devices available. Jaybird Freedom comes with a built-in remote that houses most of the headphones' electronics. The built-in remote is bulky and may cause inconvenience, especially when it connects to the charging clip. The controls on the remote provide the essential functions; track skipping, volume controls, and call/music.

Most importantly, the casing of the Jaybird Freedom is built to withstand sweat and other forms of moisture. This feature can be a great asset for gym rats, and fitness gurus since they produce a lot of sweat during workout sessions and other physical, intense activity. These sports headphones are the perfect companion under any weather condition; be it rain or snow.


How long will the Freedom earbuds last?

Most Bluetooth devices come with plastic parts that get damaged easily after a few falls. That can be quite discouraging for many users, due to the high cost of these gadgets. However, since the Freedom earbuds consist of metal parts they are robust enough to withstand lots of falls. Even components such as the remote and the charging clips come from a highly durable plastic.

Battery life time

Furthermore, the battery life on this gadget is about 3 to 4 hour. Although, many users are not satisfied with the average battery life, the charging clip, however, makes up for the low battery lifespan, by providing another 4 hours battery life. This charging cable is pretty smart. Furthermore, its charging speed is great. About 20 minutes of fast charging can give up to 1 hour of listening.  

Bluetooth connection with the W1 chip

The earbuds of the Freedom are slimmer, and built from metal; a rare feature for a Bluetooth device, since metal tends to interfere with the Bluetooth signal. 

However, due to the recent developments in the Jaybird company, the Freedom features an innovative Bluetooth technology that’s compatible with the metal build.

Operation range of the sports earbuds

The device runs on Bluetooth 4.1; this enables users to listen to music with a clear sound quality. With this Bluetooth technology, you don’t have to worry about the problems common with wireless devices. The Bluetooth has a range of 30 feet, and it does not break in connection.


  • A Sleek and compact design
  • Three pairs of Comply memory foam tips
  • Sweat-proof top quality metal bud
  • 2 Cable management clips
  • Inline microphone
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • A fast rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Jaybird MySound App
  • Three pairs of Silicone ear fins
  • 8 hours battery life.
  • Large color option.
  • Universal secure fit

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