Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones Review

Jaybird X3 Earbuds
  • thumbs-up
    Micro-Sized Universal Fit
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    Jaybird's MySound App
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    Sweat Proof & Water Resistant
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    Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life
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    Patented Ear Fin - Secure Fit
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    Up to 30 Feet in Operation Range
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    1 Device Can Play in 2 X3 Earbuds Simultaneously
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    If you lose your charging clip, you can't charge them in any way.
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    Not the most comfortable earbuds

All you need to know 

Jaybird x3 wireless earbuds comes in a smaller and more lightweight design compared to the X2. Due to the more lean X3, it has been possible for Jaybird to bring down the price from $180 for the X2 to $130 for the X3. You can get the beauties in 4 different colors: Black, white, green or red.

The sound quality of the X3 is very familiar to the X2. Even though the X3 is smaller than the previous model from Jaybird, the sound is still clear and crisp with a great deep bass, and I think that the X3 is a bit more detailed than the X2.

The comfort is great: They are wireless, lightweight and the ear-tips will ensure that the earbuds have a secure fit. The combination of these factors makes the X3 very comfortable to wear.

Jaybird x3 is very easy to use: It has a 3-button inline remote control with an on/off button, volume button and a button to play and pause music. With the Bluetooth function, it's possible to use your wireless headphones from 30 feet away from your device.

The earbuds are water resistant and sweat proof. That is great for the durability of the x3, as it will make sure that they won't get damaged while you, for example, is running. The lightweight and the premium build are also helping to ensure that they won't break if dropped. The durability of the battery life is 8 hours, which is decent for a couple of wireless headphones.

Jaybird made an App for all their earbuds, called MySound App. This app makes it possible to manage and equalize your headphones, so the sound suits your criteria and needs.

Our final verdict

Jaybird x3 is a massive improvement compared to the previous X2 model. Jaybird has managed to make the x3 in a more simple and clean design which also has made it possible to cut down on the price. From the X3 you'll get a pair of premium quality wireless headphones where you get a lot of value for your money. We think that these earbuds are the best wireless earbuds in this price.

Bottom line: The third generation of the X series is the best one, and due to the cut in the price, these earbuds is one of the best in this price range.

I'll unquestionably recommend these Jaybird earbuds if you need a pair of wireless sports headphones with a secure fit and a top-notch sound quality.

Full Review


Jaybird x3 is the third generation of the X series, and according to Jaybird, the new x3 model is smaller, has better sound, better battery life and has the most secure fit to date. Many customers have also stated that the x3 is the best wireless headphones for sports, so of course, we had to investigate these statements further, to evaluate if the X3 model lives up to its reputation. If you aren't aware, Logitech bought Jaybird headphones for a booming $50 million. The two companies announced the acquisition in April 2016. 


The x3 comes in a beautifully designed box where the Jaybird logo shines on the top of the left corner and with a big smooth picture of the x3 in the middle of the box and with some of the key features listed on the backside.

When you open the box, the first thing you'll see is the x3 earbuds. Under the earbuds, you'll find a jaybird sticker, a carrying case, and an instruction manual. The carrying case has a spring mechanism which means that you squeeze the carrying case and it will open and the case will close by itself. The case comes in a black design with the jaybird logo on it.

Inside of the carrying case, you'll find the USB cable, a small charging accessory, clips to attach the wire to your shirt and three different sizes of wings, foam and silicon ear-tips: small, medium and large.

Sound quality

Jaybird has made sure to improve the sound quality compared to the previous x2. The sound is excellent, clear and crisp with a high bass.

Jaybird has also made sure that these sports headphones have a noise isolation. The noise isolation makes it easier to concentrate on the astonishingly sound coming out of the x3. However, there are both pros and cons with noise isolated headphones. One of the major advantages is that you can hear your music nice and clear when you're in your local gym without being disturbed. On the other hand, it can be hazardous to run where you can’t hear what is going on in your surroundings. Therefore, I recommend that you do not run with these headphones close to too much traffic, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Read why that's so important here.

If you are interested in some wireless headphones without noise isolation, I'll recommend the wireless headphones: Treblab XR500.


Since the Jaybird x3 is even smaller than the previous x2 model, they feel much more lightweight now which positively influence the comfort. You will not even notice them when you're out running. The comfort comes from their lightweight and the secure fit you'll get from one of the different types of ear-tips, which will ensure that the earbuds stay put. A secure fit is so important to have, as there is nothing worse during a workout than your earplugs always falling out.

The fact that they are wireless is also another plus for the comfort, as you don't need to plug the earbuds together with your device, but you can just pair them together.

You'll instantly get the feeling that Jaybird isn't a discount brand. You'll also discover that the X3 has one of the best comforts for sports use for a pair of wireless headphones.

In my opinion, wireless headphones have much better support compared to standard headphones. However, as you can see, the wireless X3 still has a cord that just goes from the left earbud to the right earbud. If you're completely tired of wires, then I'll recommend that you read our review about Jabra Elite Sport which is a pair of completely wireless headphones.


The Jaybird x3 comes in a black, white, alpha green or road-rash red stylish design that is 34% smaller than the previous X2 model. The shape is also a bit different from the x2, the earbuds are a bit smaller, and in general, the x3 is a bit shorter and more light.

Jaybird x3 has a cable that goes behind the head that includes a clip to attach the headphone cord to the back of your shirt. It's a simple solution if you don’t want the wire to jump up and down while exercising. The Bluetooth earbuds have a slim and straightforward design with a short cord. You can also find the logo of the Jaybirds on the backside of the earbuds, in a silver design.

The Bluetooth earbuds have a slim and straightforward design with a short wire where you barely would notice the wire if it weren't for the inline remote. You can also find the logo of the Jaybirds on the backside of the earbuds, in a silver design.

Overall, the design is pretty neat, and they look badass.


How long will these earphones last?

Since it's a pair of wireless sports headphones, these Jaybird earbuds are sweat- and water resistant. That is an advantage if you want to use them for sports activities or workout.

Battery life time

Wireless headphones of high quality are usually preferable for sports because of all the advantages. There's also just some disadvantages with wireless headphones you'll have to consider. The biggest problem, especially with wireless earphones like these, is the battery life that constantly needs to recharge. Jaybird X3's battery life lasts up to 8 hours, which is pretty average for wireless sports earphones. Rule number 1 when it comes to wireless earbuds, is to make it a habit of recharging them after your workout. Otherwise, you'll forget how much power they have left and end up going to the gym with no juice on them.. Trust me, that will happen...

When you buy the X3, you'll get a small charging accessory which connects to a Micro-USB cable. Unfortunately, this is an easy thing to lose because of its incredibly small size. The consequence of losing it would be that you have to buy a new charger through Jaybird. Jaybird has still made sure that the charging accessory straps on the USB charging cable, but I'll recommend that you use some tape for further safety.


The x3 model has one of the most up-to-date Bluetooth technologies integrated, Bluetooth 4.1. It has many of the same features as the Apple-developed W1 chip in the Powerbeats 3 wireless sports headphones.
This technology makes it possible to connect the earphones with more than one Bluetooth device at a time, such as your smartphone or tablet.

The model has a 3-button inline remote control. These three buttons have the features like on/off control, volume control, play and pause music and finally, you can take and end calls with it. Furthermore, you can keep track of how much power there's left on the headphones on your device. I had no problems connecting my devices to the Jaybird x3, and in general, I thought the functionality was very user-friendly.

MySound App

Jaybird also has an app there is free to download called MySound App. This app gives the users the opportunity to customize and synchronize their audio profile with their headphones. Jaybird took headphone innovation to a new level when they created MySound. With this app, you can manage and equalize your headphones, so the sound suits your criteria and needs. If you think the music is too treble oriented or the bass isn't deep enough, you can adjust it with the equalizer. Trust me; you'll be glad for this app as you really can get more volume into your earbuds.

The app also has the advantage that you can create different customized profiles. That means that you can choose your customized profile to your various playlists.

Operation range of the in-ear headphones

You can have a connection from a distance as far away as 30 feet from your device. With this distance, you can even connect it to your computer or laptop and use the Jaybirds when working out at home.


  • Wireless
  • Secure fit
  • Sweatproof
  • MySound App
  • 8 hours of talk/play time
  • Price: around $100 at Amazon
  • Value for money!

    The price is something that Jaybird has tried to decrease. The X2 cost around $180 and because Jaybird has managed to make the X3 smaller and in general leaner, they only cost around $130 which is a major plus considering it even comes in a better quality.

    The Jaybird X3 is usually around the $130, but they are frequently sold even cheaper at Amazon (Sometimes only $99).

    The X3 is in the mid-high price range, but when you keep in mind what you get for the price, you'll for sure realize that you'll get a lot of value for your money.

    In general, we find that the the X3 is one of the best wireless in-ear headphones for sports use, where you'll get the most value for your money. And yes, they will for sure be on our top 10 list.

    I hope you enjoyed our review and found it useful.