JLab Audio Epic2 Wireless Headphones Review

Jlab Audio Epic Sport
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    Memory Wire
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    Fitness-Proof (Splash, Sweat, Water)
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    Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life
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    Beautiful Sports Design
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    Extremely Lightweight
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    Up to 30 feet in Operation Range
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    The carrying case does little in preserving the shape of the Memory wire.
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    There is no noise cancellation.

All you need to know 

Bluetooth headphones have become increasingly popular with music enthusiasts all around the world. This popularity is because it does not feature cables that get in the way during a workout or other daily activities. Furthermore, technological innovation has necessitated the move towards hands-free phone accessories. A Bluetooth headphone is an accessory that will make your routine more enjoyable as you can engage in different activities and listen to music non-stop.

The JLAB Audio Epic2 is a fantastic in-ear headphone. It's an epic earbud that ensures a more comfortable feel when in use. The Epic2 features a long-lasting battery and water-resistant covering, so you can use it even during workout sessions without worrying about sweat damaging the earbuds. This fantastic accessory also features a stylish design and perfect fit.

With a battery life of 12 hours, you can continue to enjoy your music for a week's worth of workout with a single-time charge. You also don’t have to go a day without listening to your favorite music anymore because it has a battery indicator that shows you how much longer your battery can last.

The IPX5 casing protects the headphone from anything thrown at it – water, sweat or even blood. With the Epic2, you can listen to your favorite music non-stop.

While the external features of the wireless headphones are amazing, the sound is just brilliant. This headset is made to filter out unwanted noise, leaving you with pure, high-quality sound. Now you can listen to music and enjoy the special effects like the clear pumping bass, perfect mids, and vibrant highs. Thanks to the Beacon Signal Technology and high-performance drivers.

This review is incomplete without talking about one important feature, fitness. That is where JLab wins its rivals. These improved earbuds feature an over-ear hook with a Memory Wire that takes any shape you desire. On top of this, it comes with 16 ear cushions that comprise of different sizes of the single flange, double flange, triple flange and the shallow flange. With the Epic2, there’s a size for all needs

Our final verdict

To add to the downsides above, JLab's Epic2 does not have the best audio characteristics in the market. However, it still provides excellent sound. JLab also has a one percent product defect, this, of course, it compensates with a one-year limited warranty.

Obviously, the pros are far more than the cons. So, if you need a high-quality Bluetooth headset look no further, get the JLab Epic2.

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No matter how good a headset is, no one wants an earpiece with tangled wires. It takes the fun from listening to music, which is why a Bluetooth headset is a preferred alternative to prevent such occurrence. Bluetooth earpiece makes listening to music a lovely experience because users don’t have to worry about tangled wires.A Bluetooth headset comes with amazing features like sleek designs, water proof-coverings and so much more.

So, if you don’t like cables getting in your way, and you do not mind shelling out more money for an accessory, then a Bluetooth headphone is a right choice for you.

While Bluetooth headset has amazing qualities, one beautiful quality of these headphones is their durability. A good pair of wireless headphones for sports should be able to withstand a host of issues like sweat and water, but they should also be robust enough to resist damage if dropped.

Epic2 gives very nice sound and doesn’t skip tracks. It features a waterproof design, a firm and comfortable fit, and a long-lasting battery. It has all the features a good headset should have.

Interestingly, when you compare its price to other top brands in the market, it is considerably cheaper for a Bluetooth headset.


You can find your Epic2 in a medium-sized protective box that is portable and won't take any damage. Each pack contains:

Epic2 Bluetooth earbuds:

These of course do not have long cables. They only feature a small overhead Memory Wear that can be adjusted. It also has an over-ear hook for a more secure fit.

With a Bluetooth 4.0, the earbuds can connect to your phone as long it is within a 30 feet range.

The headset also features buttons that allow easy control. When a call comes through, the controls make it convenient to receive calls.

Two mini cable management clips:

These are meant to attach to the Memory Wire. With these two mini clips, you can adjust the small cable until you get a perfect fit around your head. They are tiny and light in weight.

Universal USB to micro USB cord:

With the USB cord, you can recharge your wireless headphone. The micro USB end goes into the micro USB port on the headset. You should keep in mind to remember to close the flap when you are not charging at all times except during charging. That's because the flap helps to protect the earbuds from getting damaged.
It is also better not to plug the Universal end to a high electricity source to avoid damage.

Hard travel case:

This case is a durable protective carry case. If you are on the move, you do not have to toss the headset in your bag; just place it in this case. By so doing, the headset can last longer.

16 silicone ear cushions:

Eight pairs of ear cushions come with the earpiece. There are different sizes so users can choose the right fit, irrespective of the size of your ear canals, there’s one for you.

A box contains four pairs of a single flange (XS, S, M, L); two pairs of double Flange (S, M); a pair of triple Flange (M) and a pair of shallow ear cushions (M).

Sound quality

There are many cheap Bluetooth headphones on the market, but many of them have mediocre audio performance. JLab Epic is, however, an exception to these kinds.

JLAB Epic earbuds have an incredible playback. It may not produce top-notch sound, but it does not perform badly at all. It provides a vibrant bass without too much resonance. The high on the other hand is clear without being too sharp or harsh.

When used to playback “all for you” by Everette Harp, you can easily hear the snare and bells. The sounds are well defined; and likewise the sax. Also, The bass did not overshadow the other riffs in Joyce Cooking’s “third wish.” Epic2 indeed does a good job of balancing all the sounds in every playback.

This quality sound is a result of the high- performance 8mm drivers it features. These ensure that the earbuds are not just good enough for podcasts, but also for great music.

The headset also features their proprietary Beacon Signal Technology that makes it skip-free. You also don’t need to worry about connectivity issues although there are still complaints of interference when the “control” comes in contact with hair and clothes. That implies that users cannot wear a hoodie over the headset. Apart from this, Epic2 performs above average and can serve as headphones for everyday use.

A secure fit 

Regarding a secure fit, this is definitely an area JLab scores high marks, the Epic earbuds fit incredibly well, and users will find it stylish.

The Memory wire that connects the earbuds is robust and firm. It allows users to adjust it to the shape and position that fits them the most. One interesting characteristic about the memory wire is that it can retain its shape for an extended duration, so users you don’t need to worry about setting it up each time after wearing it. A titanium over-ear hook also helps keep the headset securely in place.

For users with smaller body frame, you can easily adapt the wire with the micro clips in the pack.

When it comes to the problem of an earbud sliding off the ears, the Epic 2 is revolutionary and different. It comes with sleek, innovative design that prevents slippage during use; this is the result of the eight pair of ear cushions that comes with the earphone. For users that have a small ear canal, the shallow cushion will fit you just fine. There are different sizes to pick from, and users can choose from the single, double and triple flange cushions.

These do not just fit perfectly in the ear; they also seal up correctly so that there is no vacuum for noise to pass through.


The Comfort is a major factor to consider before getting any earpiece, whether it’s a wireless earpiece or not.

First, a comfortable earbud must fit correctly. Without a suitable or compatible cushion, there is a lesser chance that you will be able to wear the earbuds for an extended period. Epic2 has settled that by providing different sizes of silicone gel cushion that offers a comfortable experience. These do not just fit your ear canals; they have ergonomic designs as well.

Also, Epic2 is sleek and lightweight, with only a 45-degree cord-bud angle. Therefore, it does not tangle.

However, you may become uncomfortable after extended use.


Epic2 has a sleek and portable design. Because of its lightweight, it feels almost like not putting on anything when wearing the earpiece. This lightweight is a plus if you want an earpiece that won’t get in the way of your activities when using it.

Epic2 has fantastic Bluetooth connectivity, and this enables users to listen to music straight from the phone with clear sounds too. You can move as far away as 30 feet from your phone and still have perfect reception. The Beacon Signal Technology it features also produces skip-free tunes even in demanding conditions. So, you can jump, dance and flip without losing sound clarity.

Again, it comes with excellent controls. You do not have to touch your phone at all to change a music track or pick up calls. The universal control allows you to pause and play a playback, change songs and manipulate volumes.

Finally, the most remarkable design of the Epic2 is the water-resistant casing. This feature protects the earbuds from liquids like water or sweat. You can also rinse it after every workout; it will remain functional.

However, you must be aware of not to allow water enter the charge port. The port covers the previously mentioned rubber flap which prevents water from sipping into the accessory. When left open, it is vulnerable. This vulnerability is one of the downsides from the design. When you're in a hurry, it can be left open easily which in the worst-case scenario can lead to damage to your headphones.


How long will the Earbuds last?

Epic2 is durable and will last a long time as long as you don’t expose the electrical components to water, by leaving the flap open. It's plasma coated microelectronics with an IPX5 rating which means it is resistant to water and sweat.

Battery life time

When reviewing wireless sports headphones, one thing is a crucial factor. The battery life time. With JLab Epic2 the battery will last you 12 hours. So if your intensions is to use these earbuds for sport you can use them for more than a week without charging them. There is a light indicator on the earbuds that shows you the battery time left. 


• Ceramic Bluetooth 4.0 antenna
• Eight pairs of silicone gel ear cushions
• Universal USB to micro USB cord
• A fast rechargeable Barrett
• Two cable management clips
• Lightweight design
• Waterproof IPX5 rated
• Skip-free Beacon Signal Technology
• Titanium over-ear hook
• Universal controls
• Inline microphone
• 12 hours play time
• High-performance 8mm drivers
• A protective travel case
• 30 feet wireless range

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