• 29. August 2016

The power of motivating workout music!

Its not a secret that no matter what you are doing in life, you CAN NOT perform properly without motivation.

And in my eyes, motivating workout music does make your workout easier and more efficient. Motivation will get you achieve your goals in life. I mean, who would get up 6 in the morning every day to go to work, if it wasn’t for the payslip at the end of the month?

Even the small things in life can motivate you, such as a smile from the beautiful girl on the bus or your favorite song on the radio in the morning. And that is also how it works in the gym, on the running track or when you’re biking in the woods. If you find the best music for your workout, you just simply perform better! Personally, I like to listen to heroic classical music, that is what pumps me up.

The energizing effects of music are made by its ability to activate your body’s sympathetic nervous system. When that system is activated, your body will be ready to meet any challenge or obstacle in our life. So basically music can trick your body into believing that we can achieve greater when our mind is focusing on a good song”. It’s pretty amazing and exciting how our body works sometimes.

Intense music is the key

Most people pick their workout music with one of these 3 criteria in their mind. Speed, aggression or rhythm. I’m pretty sure you can nod approvingly to that. And it is not that odd, that people choose their music with these 3 criteria, because the right motivating workout music can also have effects on the human body’s natural excitability.

For example, songs with increasing pace will make you run faster simultaneously with the increasing beats. And best of all is that most times you probably won’t even notice you are running faster. It’s the music talking to your subconscious and in that way affecting you to perform better. One thing that is stronger than anything else is listening to your favorite song. Favorite songs can activate the positive and motivating parts of the human brain.

In general, people are better at doing things to their full capacity when they are happy and satisfied. If you don’t have a favorite song that gives you happy thoughts, studies have shown that upbeat music has the same effect. In this matter, we’re dealing with our subconscious again. But it works!

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