Philips Action Fit Sports Earhook SHQ3205– For the sports enthusiasts on a budget!

Philips ActionFit headphones
  • thumbs-up
    Cheap Price
  • thumbs-up
    Patented Adjustable Earhooks For A Secure Fit 
  • thumbs-down
    Not The Best Sound Quality
  • thumbs-down
    Not Waterproof - Only Rainproof

Full Review


Let me start by saying that Philips Action Fit is the right pair of headphones if you're on a budget. The quality of these sports headphones isn't equal to the low price.

However, it's not the best sound quality on the small budget headphone market. Read this post about Treblab XR500 if you're looking for cheap headphones with very high sound quality.

Sound quality

Philips has never been a big player in the headphone industry, like Sennheiser, Beats or Bose.

I don’t think they'll ever be able to compete with the big headphone brands when we talk about sound quality. Philips Action Fit isn’t really groundbreaking on the sound quality neither. However, if you compare it with the low price, you do get better sound than paid for, which is nice.

It’s the same thing with the bass, it’s good for a pair of low price sports headphones and if not even one of the best examples of it.

Philips Action Fit is letting in ambient noise, and there’s both an upside and downside to that. The good thing is that it’s safer to run next to a busy road while your headphones are playing ‘Baby’ from Justin Bieber at high volume.

The downside was that no matter how loud the music was playing, we could still hear the gym's music in the background. So overall, the sound quality is pretty impressive compared to the small budget price.

Design and Comfort

One of our co-workers is 6,2 feet tall, and he experienced some problems with the Action Fit when running with his phone in the pocket.

The cord was a bit short and kept falling out. So if you are tall, you need to have your device on your arm, which works well. The headphones lack microphone and inline remote control. It’s an essential thing that I appreciate when I’m out for a jog. I highly suggest you consider if you can do without a volume control on the cord while running?

Philips Action Fit comes with 3 different silicone tips sizes. The inner earpiece slides up and down, so you can make sure it fits perfectly to your ears, pretty intelligent.

You’ll only find this function in headphones from Philips, they have patented it. Other than that, they’re overall comfortable to wear, but the earhooks can be a bit annoying in the long run. If your workout is around 2 hours, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Rainproof and NOT waterproof

A lot of people are complaining about the earphones not being waterproof.

They’ve received many bad reviews, and almost all of them is about one of the earbuds not working anymore. The problem is that many people don’t notice the difference between rainproof and waterproof.It’s all game with words.

But if you think, why shouldn’t they write waterproof instead of rainproof? That’s because the sports headphones can resist some rain, but there’s a limit to it.

I read about this before reviewing them and decided to test it.

So after a couple of runs in typical rainy weather, there were no issues. But after just one run in a massive cloudburst, one of the earbuds broke as expected. So be aware of the weather before you’re going for a run! I hope you found the review useful. Looking for headphones similar to the Action Fit? Check this post out

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