Powerbeats 3 - Revolutionary Bluetooth headphones with the W1 chip

Last Updated: SEPTEMBER 6, 2018

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Powerbeats 3 

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Bluetooth Headphones




These iconic wireless headphones come in many different and exciting colors so you can individualize yourself. The soft and adjustable rubber earhooks make the earphones comfortable and are customizable.

​Powerbeats 3 have an incredible 12-hour battery lifetime, which isn’t normal at all with Bluetooth headphones (Thanks to the W1 chip) and an operation range of 100 feet. They are pricey, but you do get a high-quality product for your money.

All you need to know

If you are a fan of the Beats line and you recently bought the iPhone 8, the powerbeats 3 wireless headphones will be one of the best options for you.
You can also use the earphones for other devices than Apple products, but the W1 chip works best with iOS devices, unfortunately for Android fans.

The W1 chip was developed a couple of years ago and implemented in all newer Apple headphones. The chip are groundbreaking with the extreme operation range, battery lifetime and signal strength. Powerbeats 3 are expensive, but I would say that they're worth the money, considering the power of the W1 chip. 

Black Powerbeats3 earbuds

Today, the lineup of Beats is larger than ever

You've probably heard of the Beats by Dre headphones and Apple’s acquisition of the company before.

Powerbeats 3 wireless is the colorful and iconic Bluetooth headphones that significantly started the headphones fashion trend. 

But they’re not only about looks, but they also have a high-quality sound within them. They're providing everything from Wireless headphones for active use, high-end studio headphones and almost anything else.

Powerbeats 3 Headphones

If you have recently bought yourself an iPhone 8, you're most likely in the market for a pair of headphones, which don't require a jack.

The Powerbeats is among the best earbuds for any iPhone 8 users.

As soon as you see the improvements made since the last model, you'll be amazed.

Beats have equipped the new Powerbeats with a decent sound quality 

Powerbeats 3 is a bit pricey, with that said, it’s important that you get a high-quality sound. That is after all the purpose of buying headphones, to listen to music.

The sound quality in Powerbeats 3 is not a step up from the previous version, Powerbeats 2, since they have made no upgrades. But you’ll still find an excellent and satisfying sound quality in the 2's, so that’s also the same with the younger brother.

Beats headphones are known for the high and clean bass they put in all their products. Some people may find the bass too prominent and overwhelming, but if you like music with a strong bass that makes your blood pump, you need to give Powerbeats a shot.

Even though the bass is heavy, Beats by Dre haven’t sacrificed a clear treble. In all, it’s a perfect mix of clear sound supported by a deep bass. If you compare the audio quality with the price, they aren’t entirely worth the money. 

However, there are so many positive aspects of the Bluetooth headphones that outweigh the high price. If you are a sound fanatic, there are only one pair of headphones that will satisfy your needs, Bose QC35.

Bluetooth connection with the W1 chip

Let’s me start this section by stating that pairing the Bluetooth headphones to your device is a ridiculously simple and fast process. 

We haven’t yet reviewed any headphones that have an easier pairing process than the newest Beats headphones with the W1 tech. 

Activate Bluetooth on both your device and your earbuds, and a pairing request will pop up on your phone. And that’s it; your Powerbeats will automatically connect to all of your iCloud devices. After you've done it once, they pair automatically when you turn them on.

Apple’s new low-power Bluetooth chip W1 is magnificent in many ways.

It has taken Bluetooth technology to the next level. Not only does it offer the fastest pairing process on the market, but the W1 chip also gives the earphones a longer battery time.

W1 chip in Powerbeats 3

An impressive operation range with the W1 technology

The operation range is also pretty impressive. You can easily use the earphones up to 100 feet away from your device. Of course, if there is a wall between your earphones and device they won’t work as well within that range. But in general, the connectivity of these Bluetooth headphones works flawlessly.

Powerbeats 3 Final Verdict

It's not at all a tough decision to make. Powerbeats 3 is one of the best in-ear Bluetooth headphones we have done a review of. Bose SoundSport Pulse is the strongest competitor since they have many extra features.
If you are on the lookout for in-ear Bluetooth headphones for working out and you can afford these earbuds, then don’t hesitate.

There are many positive things to say about earbuds, but there are also some negative aspects that you need to consider before buying them. First, Apple is a company with many competitors, and therefore they will do their best to make their products more compatible with their products. That’s the case with the W1 chip.

Features like the incredibly fast pairing process only work with apples own Bluetooth devices. You can still use the headphones with a Galaxy phone or any other devices. But I think it’s a shame that they aren’t giving all phone owners the same opportunities. Another thing is the high price. Powerbeats is a luxury product, and you do get a ton of impressive features, a nice sound quality, and a smooth design. But I wouldn’t mind a price reduction to be fair.


The Good Stuff:

- Fast Fuel Charge
- W1 Chip
- Water & Sweat Resistant
- Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life
- Adjustable Earhooks
- 100 feet in Operation Range

The Bad Stuff:

- High Price even though you get a High Quality Product

Read the full review below

You've now read all the important things above and should have created an opinion of the Powerbeats 3. if you want to learn more about the earbuds, you can read the detailed review below. 


When you hold the Powerbeats 3 box in your hands, you’ll instantly get the feeling of holding a luxurious product. Maybe you have tried one of Apple’s products before and know that they spend time designing the box elegantly. The box itself looks similar to the previous Powerbeats box.

The first thing you’ll see when it’s opened is the wireless headphones secured in some solid foam material.

Beneath it, you’ll find the four sizes of ear tips next to a slogan saying, “Great sound starts with proper fit.”. On the back of that, you have your travel case and the micro USB charger with the FastFuel charging. Even though the W1 chip makes pairing easier than putting on your socks,

Beats gives you a step-by-step user manual for connecting and using the headphones. Even the user manual is minimalistic and beautiful designed. But that’s the best thing about luxury products; every little detail is exceptional.

The flexible and adjustable earhooks creates a secure fit

A secure fit is important when you’re practicing sports. There is nothing worse than being frustrated about your earphones losing their grip caused by movement during exercises. Beats have improved the fit of Powerbeats since the last model. This time the earbud itself is slightly longer, and the angle has changed a bit making the fit more secure and sealed. The four different sizes of ear tips will do the last part to make sure you have a secured and sealed fit. The tight seal is essential for the complete user experience. If they don’t seal tight inside your ear canals, ambient noise will disturb the music playing, and you won’t get the best possible sound experience either. It’s no surprise that the Powerbeats also uses earhooks to secure the in-ear headphones. The only bad thing about earhooks, in general, is that they tend to make your ears hurt after a while. However, Beats have designed the Bluetooth headphones earhooks in a smooth rubber material that can be bent and shaped in your way so they won’t annoy the back of your ears. That also solves the problem of earhooks being too small or big; you can shape them, so they fit your ears perfectly. The last great thing about Powerbeats’ fit is the tangle-free cord that goes behind your neck and tightens up with a cable length adjuster. That secures the headphone cord tight behind your neck and makes sure that it won’t frustrate you. I wish that Beats would include some foam ear tips with their earphones. They normally do a better job than the standard rubber ear tips when it comes to sealing and securing the earbuds. If you feel the same way, buy a universal pair of foam ear tips on Amazon for a few bucks here.


Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones are designed to bring comfort and convenience to athletes. They are durable, lightweight, stable to wear and provides comfort to any user. The soft rubber earhooks makes sure that the in-ear headphones won’t irritate your ears like many other earhooks sometimes do after a while. The earhooks are very flexible, so if they don’t fit your ears perfectly, you just re-shape them. In general, you feel more comfortable wearing a pair of Bluetooth headphones instead of the wired ones. You don’t have this long wire going to your device and getting tangled up in everything on its way. And since the tangle-free cable goes behind your neck, there shouldn’t be any problems. As I said in the beginning, the new Powerbeats is a luxury product, so don’t worry about comfort. Apple doesn’t make uncomfortable in-ear headphones.


The Beats headphones have been a fashion trend. If you are expecting something to stand out, you're looking at the right headsets. Because of the five unique color variants, these Bluetooth headphones will make people turn their heads in the gym. Among these designs, there are both a complete black and white version. The yellow and pink model does also contain some black, but the inner part of the headphones and the Beats logo are both illuminated with neon yellow or pink. The gray and blue model were a bit more reserved, but they still make a statement. No matter what color you select for your Powerbeats 3, they look great. The ear clips are tucked in behind your ears, which means that all you'll see is the flat bar extending out from your ears. The new Powerbeats certainly has a modern appeal. Overall, they have the same beautiful design as the previous model, Powerbeats 2 wireless.


How long will my Powerbeats last?

From a distant look, it's difficult to know what you should expect from these innovative Bluetooth headphones. They look like your typical plastic wireless headphones at first glance, but after a closer look, you'll notice that they're very lightweight and made of a nice mix of soft rubber and plastic. When you feel the material, you'll undoubtedly see that they're good quality sports earphones. They're built to be water resistant because they're designed especially for athletic activity. It doesn't mean that you'll be able to go swimming with them, but they won’t break from sweating during your workout or even running in torrential downpours. Powerbeats 3 will definitely last you a long time.

Battery life time

The battery lasts for 12 hours of playback, and they are very durable so you can be as fashionable as you can without compromising your comfort. It’s rare to get a pair of wireless headphones with a battery lifetime as long as these. Another great thing about the battery is the fast fuel charging that gives you 1-hour playback from just 5 minutes of charging when the battery is low.


The features are many with Beats’ latest version of Powerbeats. They are connecting to your device via the W1 chip resulting in a perfect wireless workout freedom. To top it up, you’ll get up to 12 hours of battery life to power through multiple workouts. If you forget to charge them the day before your next workout, the FastFuel charging gives you 1 hour playback from 5-minutes in the charger when the battery is low. The earbuds are sweat and water resistant so that they can handle tough training in harsh weather. The headphones have the RemoteTalk system so you can manage calls, pause/play music and activate Siri. Last but not least, Powerbeats’ two earbuds joins together with a tangle-free cord. You can tangle them up as much as you want but they will always un-tangle themselves. It’s amazing how such a simple modification can remove a frustration I think everyone has had once or twice. On a different note, remember that you can connect your Powerbeats 3 wireless to your Apple TV. Read more about that here.

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