SwimBuds Sport Earbuds Review 2017

Swimbuds Sport
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    100% Waterproof down to 10 feet (3 meters) beneath water. 
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    4 varieties of eartips for a perfect fit
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    Eartips Create a Waterproof Seal
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    Value for Money
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    The bass quality is a bit over emphasized

All you need to know 

​We can all relate to the release of pent-up energy accompanied with the renewed energy to go about our daily tasks when we listen to music. Besides, who needs the soothing and mind-gratifying effects of music more than athletes, audiophiles, and lovers of outdoor activities. Most especially, fans of swimming, and professionals like Triathletes.

Nothing else gratifies audiophiles and athletes more than an in-ear headphone that not only produces great sounds but also fits perfectly for any sports venture. The ability of an in-ear headphone to fit correctly has been a major concern for many sports enthusiasts, fitness gurus and especially participants of underwater sports activities.

Getting an earbud that completes the task during any water sport was impossible until Underwater Audio released its innovative multi-purpose products after years of research. That is why, we will be reviewing one of these innovative products; The SwimBuds Earbuds.

Produced by Underwater Audio, the SwimBuds is a re-design of the Original Underwater Audio's Swimbuds, and it is one of the latest products that has taken the market by storm. Although, its popularity with audiophiles and sports enthusiasts is not surprising since it possesses amazing features that guarantee everyone a maximum satisfaction.

The SwimBuds Sport Earbuds are waterproof (no shit Sherlock), and provide eartips that fit snugly into the ear, to cancel out the outside noise and increase concentration while listening to high-quality sounds. This feature is necessary for performing swimming routines like front flips, breaststrokes, and underwater streamlines.

Moreover, its broad array of eartips has made it compatible with any sports function. There are four types of eartips; Trees, Ergo, Fins, Rounds, that come with this product. Each of these eartips is specially designed for specific situations, and thus evident in their different molds.

If you want to taste the joy of listening to your favorite playlist while swimming, just attach the Tree eartip to the SwimBuds in-ear headphone. The Tree eartip, as the name implies, is tree-shaped, and this is to guarantee a tight waterproof seal. It completely seals out water and delivers clear and crisp sounds to your ear canals.

However, there's been complaints of inconvenience caused by the tree eartip by so many, and that is why the Fin- type of eartips can be used as a substitute to the Tree eartip, as they come in 4 different pairs. So, all you need to do is find the right fit for you, and go about your favorites routines without any discomfort. Furthermore, the Fin-type eartip is also perfect for any of your daily activities.

Additionally, the Ergo eartips, as the name implies, serves a multi-purpose function, as they are ideal for any type of sports activity.
For the everyday commuter and office worker that needs to be aware of the environment while listening to music, using the Mushroom eartip is the perfect companion. With a clear, transparent feel, it's designed to allow external sound creep into your ears while playing music.

At a lightweight of 0.4 lbs, the SwimBuds Sport Earbuds speaks of convenience, and it comes with two cords of different lengths - 1.3ft for the short cable and 3.25 ft for the long cord. Additionally, it is compatible with the audio port of most devices, since it features a 3.5mm gold-plated plug.

Our final verdict

The SwimBuds Sport Earbuds is definitely one of the most desired waterproof earbuds today. Compared to most waterproof earbuds, I would say this product holds its ground. With excellent sound quality and waterproof seal eartips, what more can you ask for a great experience while performing different water sports?

However, as with all underwater earbuds, irrespective of how waterproof right it is, there's a still the interfering muffled noise of air bubbles while underwater.

Unfortunately they aren't true wireless which is the new black nowadays. However, I can recommend a new earbud coming from a 2016 tech start-up called BragiThey are also made for swimmers, surfers and other water sports lovers!

Considering all the benefits and setbacks, the SwimBuds Sport earbuds is a fair bargain for your money’s worth. Truly, it's setbacks like the over-emphasized bass quality might be a drag for audiophiles. Lastly, it's 10 feet limit underwater, is a safety procedure, since it might affect your balance underwater.

Full Review


For so many years, swimmers and lovers of water activities haven't had the experience of listening to music while training. You might wonder why it's so important for music to be part of every workout.

Music has been a part of so many of our daily activities, and it has always been a haven from the dark and stressing aspects of our lives. To experience the soothing and mind-numbing effects of music, there over a thousand products of earphones, headphones, and other audio devices.

However, most of these gadgets have limited functions. When it comes to sound quality, nothing beats the over-ear headphones; since they have large speakers that are designed to give high-quality sounds. It's, therefore, no surprise that hardcore audiophiles and audio engineers favor these earbuds.

Over-ear headphones are not only bulky, but also inconvenient to carry around, and it can be a real bother for sports activities that require lots of movement, and high abuse. That is why most sports enthusiasts prefer the in-ear headphones. These in-ear headphones or earbuds provide the flexibility needed to carry out daily workout sessions, and vigorous maneuvering during some sports activities.

What's more? Some of these earbuds are sweat proof, and this allows you to work-out without worrying about getting them moist. However, most of these earbuds are not waterPROOF, (just water resistant) until the invention of completely waterproof earphones like the SwimBuds Sport Earbuds.

With these completely waterproof earbuds, lovers of underwater activities now have the luxury of listening to their favorite music while paddling away or performing their strokes. It's for sure magnificent, as the eartips create an air-lock that's completely waterproof.

Sound quality

Irrespective of how multi-functional an in-ear headphone is, if the sound quality isn't meeting your standards, then it is practically useless. Although athletes and lovers of outdoor sporting activities value comfortable headphones, the sound quality is also a major criterion.

For waterproof in-ear headphones, the sound quality has always been a major challenge. The air bubbles cause this. Swimming and other underwater activities generate air bubbles that might twist the sound quality unless the earbud creates a waterproof seal, that blocks out noise, air, and water completely.

The sound quality of the SwimBuds Sport is above average for an earbud that is completely waterproof. Although there has been a noticeable amount of complaints about its imbalanced bass, that sounds boomy, and its non-existent treble. However, it's consistent performance across various users has given it a proper fit.

A secure fit 

Nothing more annoys or discomforts people during their workout session, or while mountain biking, or swimming, than an in-ear headphone that falls out of the ear every time. That can create distractions, and we all know that distractions are dangerous during sweaty outdoor activities.

Especially, during swimming, the secure fit of the earbud is crucial, since there are lots of moving maneuvers that might cause the earbuds to fall off. The SwimBuds Sport Earbuds does not only provide ear tips that fit snugly in the ears but also blocks out the noise.

Ear tips like the Tree, actually go deeper into the ear canal, than an ordinary in-ear model. While the fin eartip hooks around the outer ear, to prevent it from falling off.


The comfort of earbuds is determined by how physically pleasant it is, while in use or not. It means that no pain or discomfort occurs while using the gadget. To properly grade, the comfort of an in-ear headphone, many factors are taken into considerations - adjustability, pressure, degrees of freedom, and weight.

For some, the in-ear design of the SwimBuds creates discomfort; due to the way the eartips goes deep into the ear canal. Although the large eartips are necessary during underwater activities, the ache only occurs after a long time. On accounts of freedom of movement, the SwimBuds has done a good job through the addition of hook sleeves, short and long cords, for different preferences.


The design of in-ear waterproof headphones carries a lot of weight since it determines the comfort, secure fit, convenience, and sound quality of the device. From the looks to the core functions, the design of these earbuds covers it all.

Activities like swimming require headphones that will not impede the performance of the athlete. For natural streamlining through water, underwater earbuds must be small, and also have short cords, to prevent drag in the water.

The Swimbuds have a simple but unique design that's physically appealing. The device is not only lightweight but also ultra-compact, due to its removable audio cable extension. It's hook sleeves goes around the top of the ears, for a firm grip, and it's eartips are long for a secure fit into the ears. This design makes it a great asset for swimming, workout sessions, hiking, spelunking, rowing, and so much more. Therefore, irrespective of how intense your physical activities are, the SwimBuds is just the right fit.

Featuring about four different types of eartips for various purposes, the Swimbuds not only increases your comfort but also increases your productivity levels while doing your routines. Furthermore, the short cords provided for the SwimBuds prevents the frustration that comes with tangled wires and restricted movements. All you need to do is clip a small waterproof audio device to your swimwear, while on a swim.


The SwimBuds Sport Earbuds comes in a pouch. All the components of the earbuds are white and built from a durable plastic.

The Earbuds

The earbuds come in one piece. That will reduce the pain of assembling, and saves a lot of time in the process. The swimbuds only come in white and possesses a lightweight and durable plastic. 

Four types of Earbuds 

While unpacking this product, you will see four types of eartips; one pair of Tree eartips, four pairs of Fin eartips, one pair of Ergo, and one pair of Mushroom. 


The SwimBuds feature a rectangular draw-string pouch that can comfortably house all the components of the in-ear headphone. 

2 Different Cord lengths 

When unpacking you'll see there are two separate wire lengths; 1.3ft for the short one and 3.25 ft for the long cord. 


Comes with a manual that shows the various uses of each eartips, and how to assemble the device. Additionally, it comes with an access code, which you can use to download audio clips of swimming guides.


The Durability of in-ear headphones has always been a major concern for so many. Most in-ear headphones have a plastic build. Many view in-ear headphones of plastic as being fragile, but on the contrary, it can withstand damage from many falls.

The SwimBuds Sport Earbuds consists of plastic, and it has been known to resist damage from many falls; this is probably due to its lightweight design. Although it cannot withstand high abuse or stress, compared to most of its ilk, it is definitely above average.

Furthermore, the cable used in this device is thin, and might not be as durable as other in-ear headphones. Additionally, the SwimBuds does not have an internal power source (battery), but it relies on audio devices, to function.


  • Compact design
  • Plastic Build
  • 4 types of eartips
  • Waterproof design
  • 1.3-foot cord with gold-plated 3.5mm mini plug
  • One-year warranty
  • Third generation Hydrobeat TM sound
  • Double cords.

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