Treblab X11 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Treblab X11 Earbuds
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    True Wireless (cord-free) 
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     Up to 38 feet Operation Range 
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    Water & Sweat Resistant
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    Up to 6 Hours of Battery Life
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    Cheap Price = Value for Money!
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    Not completely secure for large/tall ears

All you need to know 

To begin this review of Treblab x11 true wireless sports headphones, I’ll give you a summary. If what you’re looking for is a pair of earbuds for sports as running, cycling or any other kind of moving activity and you are on a budget, these earbuds are probably one of the best you can find. For less than $50 you will own some high quality, really comfortable and true wireless earbuds. The X11 is ideal for music where the bass is an important part but are also suitable for all other music genres where Treble is crucial. You will get a beautiful, clear, high and crisp sound from the X11 earbuds.

The 6 hours of battery lifetime in the Treblab X11 is more than you can ask for with sports earbuds in this price range. They come with a 1-year warranty from Treblab, so don’t worry about the lifetime length of these beauties. The headphones are sweat resistant and so well sealed that you don’t have to worry about using them in harsh weather. The Bluetooth connection works perfectly within an operation range around 30-33 feet, even though the official range is 38 feet. They have a build in microphone and call control managed with a touch button.

Our final verdict

Treblab X11 is a pair of headphones I would buy for myself and recommend others to do the same if the goal is to find great headphones for sport. The advantages of X11 earbuds are great and many. Amazing sound quality, 100 % wireless earbuds, a cutting-edge Bluetooth technology that preloads the song 1 second ahead, a secure and comfortable fit, an advanced passive noise cancellation and last but not least, X11 is sweat proof.

But there are some disadvantages too. The built-in microphone is not something to brag about, but it’s okay for short and casual calls. But it shouldn’t be a deal breaker since it’s the fewest people that make important business calls when they’re jogging. And I would like the operation range to be slightly bigger, but 33 feet is still enough.

The X11 earbuds are great, and one of my top picks for the sports athlete on a budget. If you’re interested in more products from Treblab, check out our review of Treblab’s XR500 Sports Headphones.

Full Review


Treblab has over the years slowly made themselves more important and famous on the current sports headphones market. They are known as a company dedicating their time to produce affordable earphones for all types of sports athletes. Since we last year did a review of the popular Treblab XR500, we have kept an eye on Treblab and their new product launches, which led us to this Treblab X11 review. A pair of true wireless earbuds made for sport and fitness.

True wireless essentially means that the headphones are 100% percent wireless. Meaning that there is no wire connecting the two earbuds. Many earphones are wireless, like the Bose SoundSport in-ear, but it’s not that often you see a pair of TRUE wireless like Treblab’s X11 model. We believe that true wireless earphones are the new thing in the sports headphone industry, everyone has had some troubles with those damn wires one time or another.


It’s always nice to unbox your new headphones. It boosts your motivation for working out.
I can’t wait to go for a run and try them out when I receive them. Unboxing Treblab X11 was an even more joyful experience than normal. As you can see in the picture above, the earbuds sit in some foam that imagines a cocky smiley where the earbuds themselves works as the eyes and eyebrows. It's a small gimmick that leaves a smile on your face.

The box includes six different ear tips in total, three sizes of red rubber tips and three sizes of black foam tips. The foam tips are excellent and have many positive features that I will describe more deeply later on in this review. But briefly, they provide a secure, comfortable fit and acts as passive noise cancellation for the earbuds.

Since it’s completely wireless earphones, you’ll get an included charger for the earbuds. It’s a USB charger cable that splits into two ports so you can charge both earbuds at the same time. You will also get a little travel case for the two earbuds which I recommend using. Since a wire doesn't connect them, it’s easy to lose one of them out of sight. Trust me. I have already spent some time looking for one of them. And last but not least, you will get a user manual for installing and connecting the earbuds. Read it before turning them on. It can be a bit complicated to figure it out for yourself.

Sound quality

When we received the earbuds in the mailbox, we were excited to unbox them and review them for ourselves. Especially the testing of the sound quality and Bluetooth signal were interesting. Since it’s true wireless earbuds, it is very crucial for the complete experience that the technology works smoothly and flawless. But since this wasn’t the first time we tried one of Treblab’s products we weren’t nervous about any flaws.

And just as expected, they work more than well. With three different sizes of typical ear tips and three different sizes of the unique foam ear tips, you’ll get the perfect fit and thereby the sound will be led straight into your eardrums, giving you the perfect sound reception.

First of all, the X11 earbuds are most suitable for modern dance, pop or hip-hop music in our opinion. Music where the bass is an important part of the track. Not to say that they suck with any other kind of music genre, they just have a beautiful bass that needs to be used to their full extent.

The vocal is playing loud and clear. It’s literally infiltrating your mind with singer’s voice. Treblab X11’s mix of bass and treble are blended smoothly together resulting in a perfect balance of all the different instruments in the music. The sound quality is usually good and satisfying when talking about Treblab’s headphones, that’s also why we recommend people on a budget to go for these beauties..

A secure fit 

“Truly secure fit without sacrificing comfort.”. That’s what Treblab write on the back of the X11 box, and it couldn’t be more right. Treblab X11 is, like most of Treblab’s earphones, made with a sports athlete’s usage in mind. Before sports headphones were a thing, many runners had significant issues with keeping the wired non-secured earphones in place. But today there are many different solutions for securing the earphones while running, jumping or even swimming.

The X11 comes with small rubber made ear clips to achieve a secure fit when they are in place. Because the ear clips consist of this red colored rubber material, they won’t feel uncomfortable since they adapt to the unique shape of your ears. That is especially a genius feature for long distance runners. I must say though, that I can tell from colleagues that the ear wing tips are a bit too low placed and therefore won’t fit in "big/tall" ears. I had no trouble at all, but some people could run into issues with it. But no worries, there is a solution for that. You can buy standard ear hooks that fit onto the X11 for a couple of dollars here.

Comfortable sports earbuds

Treblab x11 is very lightweight which is another key element when deciding the right pair of headphones. Even though the X11 looks like they are a bit too big, you won’t notice a thing when they are in place. 0,48 ounces is the official weight of Treblab’s X11 earbuds.

As earlier mentioned the box includes three different sizes of regular earbud tips but also three sizes of the unique expandable foam earbud tips. If you are not entirely sure what I mean with foam tips, think about the classical yellow foam earplugs you use when handling heavy machinery. They’re very similar to those, just smaller and designed as a black earbud tip. But the point of using these is to save your eardrums from unnecessary noise since they work as a passive noise cancellation system. And of course, you will have a much better sound experience when they’re blocking out all the ambient noise. The regular ear tips are still useful and work fine, but once you try the foam tips, I’m pretty sure you won’t go back to the standard rubber tips.


When talking design and appearance of sports headphones nowadays, fashion is a selling point as crucial as when you’re buying clothes. The headphone companies know this, just take a look at Powerbeats 3 with all their funky colors. Treblab X11 is fashionable too, just not as funky. But if you ask me that’s a good thing, I like my headphones in a minimalistic smooth design and color choice. This beautiful shiny piano black color mixed with a rose red color tones the body of the the X11 earbuds. The round silver logo placed on the outside of the earbuds also works as a blue and red light when turned on. They have a perfect symphony of colors.

As all completely wireless earphones, they have to be very small and still contain all the essential tech to work. It’s an art form to make them as compact as possible without sacrificing sound quality. The size of the X11 triangle shaped earphones is as followed: (LWH) 1,13 inches, 0,95 inches and 0,81 inches. That’s around the same size as the cap from a plastic water bottle, concluding Treblab has passed the test.

When you take a closer look at the way they have placed the earbud tip on the earphones, you’ll see that it is positioned at an angle making the earbud channeling music straight towards your eardrums. It’s not a new design at all, but still a necessity and a nice thing to have.


How long will the earbuds last?

Our research on the lifetime of Treblab X11 didn’t show any red warning signs. They should be working fine for at least a couple of years if you take care of them. And if you still don’t feel safe about the purchase, Treblab offers a 1-year warranty on the X11 sports headphones.

Battery life time

Most of the times, the lifetime durability will be worse with true wireless headphones compared to wired headphones. Not because they are in a bad quality, you just have two small pieces of technology which quickly gets lost. And it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that when talking about cord-free earphones like X11, the battery lifetime isn’t the same as it is with wired earbuds. Considering that, the X11 has a pretty good battery lifetime of 6 hours. But I would still recommend charging them after 1-2 workouts since it only takes 2 hours.

Cord-Free Bluetooth Connection

Now, this is an interesting part of our review. How do both earbuds connect to your Bluetooth device when there is no wire? Well, it’s only the left earbud that connects to your Bluetooth device. After that, the left earbud connects to the right earbud. The X11 has an internal Bluetooth connection that makes the magic happens. It might sound complicated to join them, but if you follow the easy-to-read user manual, you won’t have any troubles. There is even a voice in the earbuds guiding you through the steps.

As mentioned earlier in our Treblab X11 review, we were excited to test the Bluetooth connection of the true wireless earphones. And as we predicted, the earbuds were flawless.

Treblab has integrated the newest Bluetooth 4.1 EDR in their X11 earbuds. This Bluetooth version has both advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the audio broadcasts uncompressed, which means that you won’t experience a decreased sound quality. Take notice that this won’t work without a modern smartphone.

The second benefit with this Bluetooth system, which I fell in love with, is that the headphones stream the song 1 second ahead. So you won’t experience the sound cutting out, and the song won’t pause to load. If the headphones cut out, you still have 1 second of playback before the music stops, which should be more than enough time for a modern Bluetooth system to load.

The formal operation range is 38 feet, which suits perfectly for sports activities. You can place the device in your pocket or next to your gym bench and still receive a good signal. But I don’t agree with the 38 feet operation range, in our test it worked perfect up to 33 feet.


By this point in the review, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the Treblab X11 are 100% wire free. In my opinion, cord-free is the best solution if you’re looking for some excellent sports headphones for your workout. Another great reason for using X11 for sport is that they seal well so that sweat won’t harm them. The Treblab logo on the side also works as a touch button for the earbuds’ call management system. If you have an incoming call, just touch the logo to answer. In the same way, you only need to touch to hang up. And of course, there is the smart Bluetooth technology that preloads the song 1 second ahead of what it’s playing. So basically, there are no excuses for skipping a workout if Treblab X11 sports headphones are your gym buddy. 

If you wan't to read more about the 100% completely wireless function. Go check this article out.