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Treblab XR500

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Wireless Earbuds




Treblab XR500 wireless headphones are perfect for sports use and they only cost around $30 on Amazon. Treblab has managed to create a high-quality product, which is amazing considering the low price they go for. The sound quality, with the powerful and profound bass will satisfy the majority of people. 

The XR500 comes in a simple, smooth design and comes in black, white, purple or pink. They are very lightweight, and the soft rubber finish plus the different sizes of silicone and foam ear-tips are making the XR500 very comfortable. They are a good choice if you're looking for a sustainable and cheap pair of wireless headphones.

I'll start by going through what we think, is the most important factors about Treblab XR500.  
If you're interested in the full and detailed review you can read the whole thing in the end of this article. 

If you don't have the time for everything, you can jump through the content in the table below. 

All you need to know about Treblab XR500

Like many other products we've reviewed, Treblab XR500 are a pair of wireless earbuds. 

Even though you can se a cord on the picture, they still classify as wireless. It refers to the Bluetooth technology that connects your headphones to your device. The cord just connect the two earbuds. 

Meaning, you'll never experience that annoying moment where the wires keep bouncing back and forward resulting in the earbuds falling out. 

For those of you that haven't heard about Treblab. It's a brand that focuses on wireless headphones with high-quality sound and sells them for a low consumer price. Treblab is definetely making their mark in wireless and "truly" wireless headphones industry.

Let's go through a quick view on the features

The over-ear design makes sure that the earbuds will stay secure during sports. The XR500 are also water and sweat resistant, which is an extra positive feature, especially for workouts.

Regarding the battery life, the wireless headphones go up to 9 hours of playtime, and they need 2 hours to be fully charged. The battery life is quite decent compared to other wireless headphones in the same size and price. We do believe 2 hours is a bit too much time, but it's not the end of the world. Some type of fast fuel charging like the Powerbeats 3 would be nice though. 

The build and the weight of the earbuds, make sure that they won't break easily. However, for further protection, you can use the carrying case that follows.

Treblab XR500 headphones

The earbuds have Bluetooth 4.1, and therefore they have a multi-device connectivity.

It's also possible to answer and managing calls, and you can adjust the volume and the songs from the XR500. Further, you can use the earbuds from a 38 feet range away from your device. 

Treblab even offers you one of the best services. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, Treblab offers 30 days no questions asked return policy through Amazon and a one-year warranty. 

All of these features are working great. Which is pretty amazing when you get it all for only 30 bucks. 

A Sound Quality with a Passive Noise Cancellation

Treblab has managed to make sure that the earbuds have excellent sound without sacrificing the smooth and straightforward design.

This design is exactly also what Treblab want, just that you pay for a pair of wireless headphones with great sound and not a hyped brand.

The vocals are clear, the bass is deep, and it's easy to hear the high vocals from the different instruments in the songs. Some people may find the bass a bit too thick, but it's a matter of taste.

The passive noise cancellation makes sure you'll only hear your music and won't be interrupted by the music playing in the gym. Just keep in mind that if you're running outside you still need to be aware of your surroundings. We must say that the overall sound quality is certainly competitive and especially to the price.

Treblab XR500 Review – Excellent Wireless Earbuds at an Affordable Price

The Bottom Line of this Review

Treblab XR500 is one of the best wireless headphones for running in this price range... No argument there.

If you want to listen to music without interruptions, these headphones might be your new soulmate. The Bluetooth connection works flawless and signal interruptions are non-existing. 

The earbuds are great in many ways, and the pros overshadow the cons. Treblab XR500 is almost as the previous model, XR100. However, the difference is that the XR500 is water resistant while the older version isn't. 

Bottom line, if you're looking for a cheap couple of wireless headphones that are perfect for sports, I can highly recommend the Treblab XR500, as you get value for your money. The XR100 is also great, but in my opinion, it's worth to spend the extra dollars for the water resistant function in the XR500. 

You definitely won't regret this if you're running outside and it starts to rain. Even though the XR500 is great, they aren't the perfect pair of earbuds for everyone. 

Some people don't like the cheaper products, it's like a mentally blockade towards cheap products. I understand how bad experiences with cheap products can impact your preferences, but the XR500 is of high quality. Even though they're cheap... If you are in the market for at more expensive and recognized product, read our Bose SoundSport Review.


The Good Stuff:

- Value for your Money
- Water & Sweat Resistant
- Affordable Price
- Passive Noise Cancellation
- 30-day no question asked return policy

The Bad Stuff:

- Charging Takes too Much Time
- Not the most Comfortable Ear Hooks

Full and detailed review

As promised, I'll go into details about the reviewed wireless earbuds. 

Unboxing Treblab XR500 

The XR500 comes in a box where you can read about some of the key features on the backside as with most headphones. 

When you open the box, you'll see this big round carrying case in a nice looking black and red design, with the Treblab logo on the front. Inside of this carry case, you'll find the XR500 earphones together with different ear-tips and a cable clip.

To be more precisely you'll get three sizes of silicone ear-tips and three sizes of foam ear-tips (small - medium - large). Personally, I enjoy using the foam ear-tips doing sport, because you can feel how the foam conform to the ears and thereby make the earphones feel extra comfortable and secure. In the box, you'll also find a user manual and a charging cable.

The flexible and adjustable earhooks creates a secure fit

At first glance, the design looks a bit protruding, but that isn't a problem after you get used to it. The model is a bit bigger than standard earbuds. However, they're still very lightweight. 

As you can see from the pictures, the earbuds have an in-ear design with an earhook to secure them. So, they are convenient if you're going for a run, doing some skipping or any other moving sports. So don't worry about them falling out of your ears, they'll stay put. 

The XR500's design is convenient for an active use. The ear hooks make sure you won't have to deal with free hanging earbuds. The ear hooks can be a bit annoying after a couple of hours, but it's not a deal breaker.

They come in black, white, purple or pink and have an overall stylish and look like the most common earhook earbuds. But in the end, you shouldn't worry about how you look, you just have to worry about working your ass off.


So, the XR500 aren't the most comfortable headphones on the market. However, my ears are quite sensitive and they aren't a fan of ear hooks in general. The soft rubber finish on the earbuds are a nice touch though.

The ear hooks are flexible, and maybe too flexible. Some consumers think they are too flexible and thereby not that secure. However, some people have reviewed that they believe that the ear hooks are too flexible and soft. This flexibility and softness were a problem because the headphones weren't as secure as they hoped they would be. 

The different sizes of ear-tips will make it possible to find the ones that fits your ears and thereby also gives you the extra comfort and secure fit. It's rare you'll find a pair of earbuds equipped with both safe and comfortable ear hooks, but Treblab made it possible.

How long will my Treblab XR500 last?

Since the XR500 is water and sweat resistance, it allows you to run in rainy weather or pass a long and tough training session without damaging the headphones. The build and the lightweight ensure that they won't break easily, however, for further protection, I'll recommend that you use the carrying case that follows. 

If you don't feel satisfied with the earbuds, Treblab has 30 days no questions asked return policy through Amazon and a one year warranty which makes the purchase very risk-free.

9 hours battery life

Because the Treblab XR500 models are wireless, they must, of course, be charged once in a while. Therefore we believe that it is important to examine the durability of the battery life. This durability is, in my opinion, the biggest con which you won't experience with non-wireless headphones.

However, the XR500 model will last up to 9 hours without being charged, and it has a stand by time that's up to 250 hours. Regarding the recharging time, it takes about 2 hours before you have a full battery life, as earlier mentioned.


The built-in remote control contains multiple functionalities. The earbuds have buttons to change song and play/pause. You can also answer and manage calls.

Further, you can control the volume without touching your device. All this is possible because Treblab has integrated Bluetooth 4.1 in the XR500 model, so it has multi-device connectivity. You can use this Bluetooth connection within a range of 38 feet away from your device, which is useful if you're running on the treadmill and don't want your device to jump around in your pants.

Are Treblab XR500 worth the money? 

The XR500 purpose is to be one of the best wireless sports headphones in a cheap price range. The comfort, the sweat and water resistance and the excellent sound, makes these earphones some of the best for the price. If we compare Treblab's XR500 with the previous XR100, they are almost identical. They look almost the same. There's a little different in the design. However, the earphones still come in the same material and the over-ear design.

The comfort and sound quality are the same. The difference is in the price and the features. The XR100 is around $7 cheaper than the XR500, but the XR500 is both sweat and water resistant, where the XR100 only is sweat resistant. I'll recommend that you spend the extra $7 for the water resistant feature to get the XR500.

The water resistant feature is especially useful if you're looking for great wireless headphones for running. You don't have to fear running with the earphones in rainy weather.

So, if you're looking for cheap wireless sports headphones, you'll get value for the money you spend on the purchase of the Treblab XR500.

I hope you've enjoyed our review and found it useful!